Goose (né Gosling, January 1980) passed away at home, about 10AM on Friday, 31 January 1997.
He will be greatly missed
The Goose Memorial Page

The Boys -- all Siberians (which also happens to be a hypoallergenic breed)

Masquerade (born 3 March 2020), a Silver Black-Smoke Classic Tabby Siberian, right after I brought him home.

A couple days later

Settling in after a month, with his buddy Ivory

Ryll (born 14 January 2004), my Seal Lynx Point Siberian, shortly after he joined the family in April of '04.

Here he is at a few months old with his nephew Magic. Yep -- I liked Magic so much that after Spook passed away I contacted his breeders and got Ryll, whose father happens to be Magic's grandpa!

Ryll on the "Cat"stro convertible

Smoke (born 24 March 2007), a Black Smoke Siberian, just joined the family. He came from Cica Cattery

Smoke at play

Smoke at eleven months old

Ivory (born 28 April 2017), a Black Siberian and a distant relative of Smoke's

Here he is at 7 months

The Boys, in May of 2009

The continuing catnap -- February 2011

They just can't get enough sleep -- January 2018

Cats That Were

with their original texts

Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

OwlCat (11 April 1989 -- 7 January 2004)
My oldest cat is now OwlCat (born 11 April 1989). She's a Tortoiseshell domestic longhair. She's so shy that she won't come out for her picture! Ah, I got her--but true to form, she's even hiding behind the end of the roll of film.

Here's Spook (20 September 1992 -- 4 April 2004).
He's an undersized Seal-point Himalayan. Sweet as can be, and gorgeous, he's dumb as a rock (a true basket case).

Mischa Memories (May 16, 2000--November 17, 2000)

Clementine (born 15 November 1999)
is a social butterfly (here hanging out with Patrick and Carol) . . .

Clemmie joined us at 3 years old, after my friend Peggy passed away and left me her 7 cats to find homes for (which I did). Clem was my favorite and so here she is.

On Dec. 8, 2007, Clementine moved in with a friend of mine who has no other cats. She was not happy being a squeaky toy for the boys.

Ghost (arrived at around 12 weeks on August 10, 2014)
What a wonderful, loving Siberian kitten he was. Sadly, I lost him to FIP at around 6 months.

Here he is resting with his pal Smoke.

Magic (9 March 2001 to 6 February 2019)
is a Harlequin-marked Siberian cat. He is fitting in pretty well. Spook enjoys him (when not exhausted by him) and he purrs constantly when you hold him. I've never known a cat so fast, he almost flies thru the house . . .

when he's not sleeping!

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