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The view from Featherside

Nestled in the Shawangunk Mountains (pronounced Shwangum--a Native American name transposed into English or Dutch, I'm not sure which) in New York's Hudson Valley, the Clove is a wonderful place to live. I've been in the area since 1977, and had my farm since 1986.

Winter view
Photo courtesy of Virginia Martin

My house -- then (when I bought it in '86)

My House -- now ('04)
Photo courtesy of Stefan

The new entrance
Photo courtesy of Stefan

How I spend a lot of my time!
Photo © of Michele Asselin

I share my home with a dog , some wonderful cats , a turtle and various fish, along with all my birds out in the barn and a couple of sheep in the meadow.

The snow in '95-'96 was really something else . . . at least until the snows of 03!

Then there was the day I woke up to vultures everywhere!

The first picture is my new pond (containing my friend Virginia) as it was on the morning of Sept. 11, 1997. The second picture is how it looked at 3:30pm that afternoon, and the third picture (taken the next morning) is how it looked at 7:30pm. We had a lot of rain!

And now the pond has inhabitants

Of course, ponds have their downsides . . .

What the hell am I supposed to do now?

Before you leave, smell the flowers down at the garden.

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