So here are the pages of some of my good friends from cyberspace. Some of them are people I know from other parts of my life and some I met online. But that don't matter -- they're folks I like! (And you'll find them down below the Fowl Ball links.)

I've got lots of other good friends out there, some in dance halls, some in chicken coops, a couple down the street, and there's even a few who don't like computers. =I;-)

Snippets from the First Fowl Ball 1986

Birthday Party oo0 2024

The 37th Annual Fowl Ball 2023

The Fowl Ball Zoom Gathering 2020

The 33rd Annual Fowl Ball 2019

The 32nd Annual Fowl Ball 2018

The 31st Annual Fowl Ball 2017

The 30th Anniversary Fowl Ball 2016

The 29th Annual Fowl Ball 2015

The 28th Annual Fowl Ball 2014

The 27th Annual Fowl Ball 2013

The 26th Annual Fowl Ball 2012

The 25th Anniversary Fowl Ball 2011

The 24th Fowl Ball 2010

The 23rd Fowl Ball 2009

The 22nd Fowl Ball 2008

The 21st Fowl Ball 2007

The Fowl Ball 2006

Featherside Party 2005

Featherside Party 2004

Featherside Party 2003

Featherside Party 2002
Carlos took some great shots

Photo courtesy of Carlos Cardona

his eye on the world and his art on the web

Down East

Sean and Liz
Moonlight on the Colorado
My dear friend Sean Blackburn passed away on 9/28/05. He will be greatly missed both musically and by those who knew and loved him. His memorial site is

dancing and biking!

alien-nation's Critter page

neat lady and I love dancing to her music

Ann - my good friend Ann passed away in May of '04 - (and Tom)
Photo courtesy of Rock 'n' Roots Radio

a rose is a rose is a . . .

Diana R.
"We meet in the house of words."

Li'l Mo
"Hearts in My Dream"

"Bottoms Up!"

Dennis (bass)
The Feetwarmers

Polly & Jay
Four Winds Farm

Sascha takes a lot of shit from me!
The Icarus Project
Bye, polar!


Some of my "adopted" family is for the birds: just look at those combs!

The family just got larger!!

And larger!!

And the newest member herself gets larger!

And larger!

My other adopted family!

Back to the home roost

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