Featherside '05

September 17, 2005

Photos by Bob Hirschberg, Stefan Lisowski, Bojan Petek, Frank Dellario and Melissa Zack

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.


The Potluck

Hi, Anstiss!

Hi, Dennis

Hi, Nan

Hi, Sherrill

Hi, Madeleine

Who's your friend?

I'm not even gonna try . . .

Bob Cz., Jimmy, D'vora, Bob H., Guy, Pat, Andy

Hera, Ed, Bena, Evan

David N. and Hella, Margo and David S.

Blake takes care of getting all that good food out to you

Kitty, Priscilla, Maggie

Neat dress, Inese

Nan, Elaine, Melissa

Beau made the rounds, of course


D'vora, Lori, Helene, Peter

Marina and Sandy (with a hopeful Beau)

Suzy and Pete

Anstiss and Floyd

Chester and Linda

Donna, Lori

The bloody power blew again!!

Joy and Bob S., Stephanie

Pat and Floyd

Vikki and Steve B.

Steve S., Hera, David N., Sarah

Esther and John Pag

Sometimes you just see the strangest things

Now we're off to the barn

?, Ralphine, John F.

Look at those chickens!

Lesson time!

And here's the San AnTONES!!

David, Gene, Johnny and Billy

It's party time!!


James and Erica


Lou and D'vora

Helene and Peter

Pam and Gemma, Frank

Madeleine had too much fun


Oh well, at least they used the skin



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