Featherside '07 -- The 21st Annual Fowl Ball

September 15, 2007

Dedicated to Floyd Trovato, my best bro', who passed away this year, but had never missed a party for the first 20 years.

Oh my, I actually got time to eat something! (BH)

The Photographers

Bob Hirschberg (BH), Stefan Lisowski (SWL), and Stephanie Charles (SC)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

The Potluck

The feeding frenzy begins (BH)

and continues (BH)

and continues (BH)

There's something for everyone (BH)

Patti's gotta go back for more! (BH)

Ah, they're settling down (BH)


Art, I don't know if you shoulda let Taylor have that last dessert (BH)

Anybody know what Patti and Lee were trying to do? (BH)

Pam's back, Elissa, Dominique L., Garrett (BH)

Andy, Ray R., Judy T-A (BH)

Dennis B., Rich C. (BH)

Paige (BH)

Patti and George Z. (BH)

Bob H., Liza Jane, Beau B. (SWL)

Gil and Lori (BH)

Gary and Lou (BH)

Evan and Liza Jane (BH)

Now we're off to the barn!

Hey, there's Amie watching the birds! (SWL)

And now it's time for the San AnTONES

Introducing the band

David Sonneborn (BH), Johhny Jake (SWL), Billy Lang (SC)

Fooch gets double billing! (SWL, SC)

Let's dance!







Gil and D'vora, Rhesa and Garrett, Hilary (SWL)

Andy and Leslie (SC)

There go Steve B. and Molly (BH)

Sophia (SC, SWL)

Evelyn and Ed L. (SWL)

Margo (BH)

Chaffee and Kitty, Angela and Rich C. (BH)

Jo, Molloy and Laila (BH)

Madeleine and Andy, Dennis B., Sophia, Denis and Lee (SWL)

Anstiss (SWL, SWL, BH)

Helene and Peter, Molloy and Margo (SC)

Erica and Gil (BH)

Helene and Art (BH)

Suzanne (BH)

Lee and Denis (BH)

Judith S. and Molloy (BH)

Anstiss and Gil (BH)

Felice was having a great time (BH)

During the Breaks

Of course there were all the wonderful desserts -- and sometimes their matching people (SWL, BH)

Amie, Anstiss, Anne S-H, Tom Rip (SWL)

Evelyn and Jesse (BH)

Shep, George M., Annie R., Beau B. (SWL)

Margo and Herb (SWL)

Scott and Marcia (BH)

Sarah and Kevin (SWL))

Tall Todd (pretending he's not) and Esther (BH)

Amie and Carol G. (SWL)

Azalea and Armand (BH)

Tanessa, Adrienne, Marilyn, Howard (SWL)

Adrienne, Frank, Vivian (BH)

Here's (Anahy) lookin' at cha (BH)


Two hours of sleep (SC)

Anahy doesn't look much better (SWL)

Stephanie was doing the eggs (SWL)

Bojan seeking breakfast (SWL)

Jeff, Gary, Rhesa (SWL)

Liza Jane, Todd, Cindy (SWL)

Joseph, Bojan, me, Amie (SWL)

Liza Jane digesting those eggs (SC)

Anahy woke up in time to go home (SC)

All done (I miss you all) (SC)



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