Featherside '08 -- The 22nd Annual Fowl Ball

September 20, 2008

Is everybody ready? (ES)

The Photographers

Bob Hirschberg (BH), Bojan Petek (BP), Evelyn Schneider (ES), Jennifer Thibodeaux (JT), Paul Hunnebeck (PH), Stefan Lisowski (SWL), and me (BK)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

Note: A lot of the "portraiture" is at the very bottom of the page -- you might be there!

The Potluck

The feeding frenzy begins, yet again (BH)

and continues (BP)

and continues (BP)

You go, Jesse! (BH)




I guess it started to cool down(SWL)

Mary C and Jesse(BP)

Hubert crashed the party (BH)

Kaete, Tom N and Carmine (BH)

Madalyn and Nils (BH)

Tall Todd and Dina (BH)

Kevin, Carol and Sarah (SWL)

Paula's got to go make sure the band is ready for us! (SWL)

Will somebody please tell me what Carol was doing? (BH)

Now we're off to the barn!

You might have stopped to check out the fowl zoo (SWL)

A quick Two-Step lesson

Here I am teaching the lesson with Margo (SWL)

Dennis B took over when there was an(other) electrical crisis (SWL)

Time for the dance!

Girl Howdy!! (with apologies to Rose, who seems to have been stuck behind the speaker) (PH)

Aha -- maybe that's when she was on the dance floor!! (SWL)

Let's dance!







Brian and Judy T-A, David-George and Karen, Patrick and Carol (SWL)

Kitty and Michael C, Paul H and Rochelle, Tom Rip and Margo (SWL)

Spike and Amie, Judy T-A and Ray (SWL)

Marj and Bojan, David and Buffy (SWL)

Susan F (SWL)

Fun was had by all (SWL)

Tho' there was some sign language between Liza Jane and Lea that I was not able to translate (SWL)

Steve L, Lynn, Betsy Dawn, Manfred and Paul H are all bushed (SWL)

And Jan and Paul H seem to be seeing spots in front of their eyes (SWL)

So maybe it's time for dessert

Wow, everyone's hungry . . . again!! (SWL)

Liza Jane, Tall Todd, Gil, Ali and Rhesa -- Is there such a thing as too much fun? (SWL)


Gary in Sunday morning recovery (SWL)

Yep, here's Gary and Jennifer, recovered (BK)

Jean Luc, myself and Anahy in our recovery (JT)

Judy W (JT)

Rhesa (JT)

Tall Todd and Carol look like they've got a ways to go (JT)

The Golden Polish look like they had an easier night (JT)

And all good things must come to a good end (JT)

All those pictures of people just hanging out together

Jennifer, Bob L, Annie (BH)

Anahy, Tom Rip and Karen (ES)

Stefan and Amie (SWL's camera)

Rhesa (SWL)

Rich C, Steve S (BP)

Jesse and Lori (ES)

Annie (SWL)

Joseph (BH)

Iris (SWL)

Bardet (BH)

Rhesa seems to be popular with the shutterbugs today (ES)

Brian and friend (SWL)

Evie and Lori (ES's camera)

Jerome and Mira (SWL)

Toby (SWL)

Joseph and Stephanie (BH)

Fran, George and Amy (ES)

Joe and Beau (SWL)

Karen S (SWL)

Liza Jane and Karen P (SWL)

Judy T-A, Sherrill and Clarke (ES)

Rael and Garrett (ES)

Pat and Paul (BH)

And last but not least, Liza Jane's famous hooop skirt (SWL)



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