Featherside '09 -- The 23nd Annual Fowl Ball

September 19, 2009

Your host and hostess, Barry & Belle (BH)


This year's party is dedicated to the memory and spirit of Beau Bloom (March 28, 1984 -- June 27, 2009)

Beau and Zinfandel, Beau and Beau, Beau at the '07 Fowl Ball

The Photographers

Andy Woodruff (AW), Bob Hirschberg (BH), Bojan Petek (BP), Cris Caivano (CC), Joanne Hudela (JH), Stefan Lisowski (SWL), and Vasudha Donnelly (VD)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

Note: A lot of the "portraiture" is at the very bottom of the page -- you might be there!

Here They Come!

Hard to find a parking space! (SWL)

"Hoot" also checked out the parking situation (BP)

What can I say? (CC)

Bud & Bernice arrive, bearing gifts. Nice watercolor, thank you Bud! (SWL, SWL, BH)

The Potluck

The feeding frenzy begins again (BH)



Blake said there was never so much food and she never worked as hard -- thank you all for that great feast! (SWL)

Let's Eat!

Hera and Alex couldn't even wait to go sit down (BH)

Madeleine and Terry really got into it (AW, VD)

Dennis B and Clarke, Pat M and Carolyn B (BH)

Stefan and Amie (BH)

There was something for everyone (BH)








Esther, Mary, Judy T-A, Ray, Joanne (BH)

Carolyn C, Clarke, Sherrill (JH), Nancy and Roger (BH)

Terry and Elaine (JH), Stephanie and Margo (SWL)

Craig: That goose musta been this big! (SWL)

Yep, Hubert snuck in again this year (AW)

George Z, Blair, Dennis B (BH), Stefan (BH)

Lou, Sue, Terry (BP)

Roger, Nancy, Carol K, Art (SWL)

Wendy and Patty (BH), Corby and Ed M (JH)

David R, Buffy, Corby (VD)

JB, Mindy, George Z (BH)

Carol K, Sherrill, Bart, Alex, David N (BP)

Jack and Judy W (JH)

Bart, Carolyn B, Tom (JH)

Liza Jane, Carol K, Marcia (VD), Tom N and Joyce R (SWL)

Sarah, David N, June (BH)

Kinda chilly out, so some folks hung out in the house

Pat F, Carolyn C, Sue, Lou, Andy, Leslie (VD)

Craig (BH)

Tammi, Steve S, Bea (BP)

Joanne (VD)

Guy and Jayann (VD)

Romy obviously didn't think Rich C was very funny (VD)

Jayann, Rich C, Madeleine -- dessert thieves in the kitchen!! (BP)

Sven and Connie looking at "the wall" (VD)

Now we're off to the barn!

You might have stopped for a gander at the "zoo" (BH)

There's Liza Jane heading up to the dance (BH)

Says it all!! (CC)

Time for Margo and I to teach a quick Two-Step lesson

"Go that way!" (BH)

"This is your dance position" (BH)

Hey, they're doin' it! (BH)

The San AnTONES!


David Sonneborn, Billy Lang (BH), Skip Krevins (VD), Johnny Jake (BH)

Let's dance!











You folks were really moving! (JH)

Bernice and Bud (BH), Crissy and Tall Todd (VD)

Anita and Toby know how to have fun (BH)

Mary and Terry (VD), Carolyn B (BH)

Paul and Kristin (VD), Carolyn H and Dennis B (BH), Alan and Nancy (AW)

Liza Jane and Blair, George Z and Deborah, Liza Jane and Tall Todd (BH)

Karen P (VD)

Lori and Gil (AW), Tammi and Achilles, with Spike looking on (VD)

Paul and Kristin (VD), Carolyn B and Brian (AW), Romy and Guy (BH)

Sara (BH), Dennis B and Myrna (VD)

Jean Luc and Deborah (VD), Esther and Dennis B (BH)

Ed L and Anahy, Achilles and Madeleine, Carol K (BH), Jack and Frankie (VD)

Rhesa (JH)

Sherrill and Clarke (BH)

Esther and Terry (VD), Frankie (AW)

Break time

Doug and Liza Jane consider the desserts (VD, BH)

Some folks just rested (BH)

Or how about a massage? (BH)


The birds get to party on the leftovers Sunday morning (CC)

Hanging out in the house after breakfast

Debra S, Jeff, Tall Todd, Jennifer (BP)

Gary and Jennifer (BP)

Jennifer and Cris (BP)

Later, relaxing in the sun

Tammi (BP)

Stephanie, Anahy, Tall Todd (CC)

Carol K (BP)

Tammi and Belle were bonding (BP)

As were Tammi and Bojan (BP)

Some folks left for a while to go on a hike

Rhesa and Debra S, Gary and Jennifer, as well as Bojan, Tammi, Jean Luc and maybe some others (BP)

Then there was a toast to good times had by all

Cris was waitressing whatever the heck we were drinking (CC)

Anahy and Crissy (CC)

Then things got a bit weirder!

Jennifer and Gary (BP)

All those pictures of people just hanging out together

Pea Chicks?? (BH), Peachicks

Sue and Pat M (AW), Sherrill and Margo (BH)

Bud and Bernice, Bojan and Tammi (BH)

Dick and Bart, Tyler and Sara (JH)

Rochelle, Blair, Bob H (JH), Andy and Vasudha (AW)

Debra S, Tall Todd (JH), Alex (VD)

Carols K and G (JH), Ed M and Joanne (BH)

Debra S and Tammi (JH), Tom N and Joyce R (BH)

Carolyn C and Pat F (VD)

Jean Luc and Steve S, Judy T-A and Debra S (BH)

Dennis B, Stephanie, Vasudha (BH)

Carol G, Gary, Jim (VD)

Judy T-A and Vasudha, Stephanie and Leslie (AW)

Lori and Gil, Bea and Steve S (BH)

Pam and Esther, Tyler and Sara (BH)

Mindy and Rich C, Howard and Joanna (BH)

Clarke and Sherrill, Dennis B and Marjorie, Arlene and Pam (JH)

Pat F, Carolyn B, Charlie's eye (VD), David N, Sarah, June (BH)

Pat M and Leslie, Sue and Lou (AW)

Ray and Judy T-A (VD, VD, BH)

Andy and Stephanie (VD), Amie and Stefan (BH)

Kristin and her hair (BH)

Ed L and Steve S (BH), Ed M and Joanne (JH)

Jack, Sven, Larry (VD)

Madeleine, Margo (BH)

Joanne and Debra S, Tammi and Bojan (JH), Maggie and Clarke (AW)

Liza Jane (VD)

Well, goodby folks. Love ya. See you all next year -- 3rd Saturday of September! (JH)



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