Featherside '10 -- The 24th Annual Fowl Ball

September 18, 2010

Your host and hostess, Barry (AW) & Belle (BH)
That was Floyd's hat!

The Photographers

Andy Woodruff (AW), Barry Koffler (BK), Bob Hirschberg (BH), Jeff Koffler (JMK), John Kenney (JK), Paul Hunnebeck (PH), Stefan Lisowski (SWL), and Vasudha Donnelly (VD)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

Note: A lot of the "portraiture" is at the very bottom of the page -- you might be there!


Bob H always arrives early (SWL)

Parking gets tougher pretty soon (SWL)

Here comes some of the great food . . . with Carol K (SWL), David R & Buffy (VD), and Laura & Todd S (SWL)

Raina, Tall Todd and Bobby (SWL)

Marilyn was shyer! (BH)

Hey, it's Kitty and Mireille! And there's Bojan, and Will, and Gary . . . (SWL)

Belle greets her date, Kodi (BH)
Kodi also lives with chickens and was specifically invited

Hi Pam, hello Clarke (BH)

Hello Jeff and Karen (BH)

And here's Esther! (SWL)

The Feeding Frenzy

Here's a sampling of the great food (JK, AW, SWL, SWL)

The frenzy begins (VD, BH)

and continues (PH, BH, VD)

on into the night (BH)

Jean-Luc and Su checking out the beverages (AW, BH)

Blake has worked this party every year, and she's a large part of the reason it works so well. Thanks a lot, Blake! (VD)

Eating and Socializing






(PH, VD)





Ursula, David & Mireille, Larry (BH)

Johnny and Raina (VD), Debra and Judy T-A (BH)
Johnny may be hesitant about what's on his plate, but Debra sure isn't

Molly (VD), Karen, Jeff and Raymond (BH)

Terry (VD), Susan S (BH), Bart (JK)

Susan, Vivian and Rhesa (VD), Carolyn and Madeleine (BH)

Bob L, Matthew (BH), Rick, Clarke and Pam (VD)

Tom & Leticia (BH), Carol K and Patrick K -- what are they looking at?(AW)

Guy, Gary, Leticia & Tom (VD)

David N, Joy & Bob S (VD)

Kids got to eat, too (BH)

Marilyn (BH), Bob Sch (VD), Stefan (BH)

Susan S, Amy J (BH)

Suzanne and Pam (SWL), Mireille (VD)

Matthew and Sven were excited about things (BH)

Mike F (VD, BH)

Bob T, Madeleine, Steve S (VD), Sarah K & David N, Larry (AW)

Carol K and Pam (VD)

Madeleine & Phil (BH), Molly & Steve B (VD)

Carol K and Evan (AW), Alex & Rick (BH)

Sheila, Taylor and Art, Susan S and Terry (BH)

Sherrill, Blair & Carol K (VD), Mark & Martha (BH)

The dogs doing what dogs are for (PH, VD)

Nico Beau and Margo (happy grandma!) (PH)

Lew & Pat M, Arn (BH), Judy W and Tall Todd (AW)

Matthew & Heidi (BH), Leticia (VD), Bradley & Kodi (BH)

Patrick K, Bob L, Bart, Jack, Pat M, Susan S (VD)

Sherril and Steve B (VD), Tammi, Caison and Ed F (BH)

Tanya showing off her footware for the dance (SWL)

But I'm not sure Stefan dressed to dance (BH)

Sven and Marilyn (VD), Sven & Connie (BH)

Tall Todd, Gil and Anahy (VD)

Tall Todd and Crissy (JK), Victor & Paula and Larry (BH)

Belle & Kodi (BH) -- does this count as socializing?

Belle & Kodi (VD) -- better!

Pat M & Lew, Susan S (BH), Suzanne and Steve B (VD)

Evelyn and Mary (AW), Patrick K and Carol K (SWL)

Vasudha, Mark, Evan & Suzanne (BH), Bojan & Tammi (JK)

Mary, Rochelle and Blair (BH), Steve B and Tall Todd (VD)

Susan S, Lew & Pat M (BH)

Pam, Scott & Marcia, Debra & George (VD)

The original resident of this skin was requested to move -- it was eating my duck eggs (BH)

Crissy and Stephanie (VD) and Margo and Diane (BH) found the whole thing funny

But then there's the stress of getting your footware ready for the dance floor -- Judy W (BH), Stephanie, Jenn (SWL)

Or the joy of finding your potluck bowl -- Evelyn (VD)

Too much food, too much fun? -- Carol K and Pam (VD)

No, Evan, Hubert can't fly (VD)

The Vortex - time to go dancing! (SWL)

Heading for the Barn

Looks like the Nenes threw their own party (VD)

Lucinda and her lambs may be watching you (VD)

Bird watchers (SWL)

Watched birds (SWL)

Time for Margo and me to teach a quick Two-Step lesson

Gettin' ready (SWL)

They're gettin' there (SWL)

And here they go! (SWL)




Betsy Dawn aka BeeDee, Paula, Rose (BH), Lisa (VD), Brian, Billy (BH)

Great band! (BH)

Let's dance!

Time to fill it up! (VD)










I sure hope that's not an incipient line dance! (BH)

Esther and Pat F (BH), Jim and Carol G (VD)

Eugene and Joanna, Jack and Carol G, Judy W and Garrett (VD)

Liza Jane (VD), Mary (JK)

Gary and Esther (BH), Tom & Leticia (SWL), Mireille & David, Paige and Tall Todd (BH)

Su and Bob L, Sherrill & Clarke (BH)

Pat F and Marilyn, Anahy and Dennis B (BH)

Evelyn and Clarke, Karen and Dennis B (VD), Jack and Vasudha (BH)

Crissy (JK), Rochelle and Dennis L, Bob T and Tammi, Carol G and Jack (VD)

Rhesa, Sophia and Marissa (VD)

Clarke and Jane, Ed F and Megan (VD), Amy J and Bob T (BH)

Esther, Rick, Patrick S and Deborah (JK), Jim and Madeleine (SWL)

Jean Luc and Carol R (BH), Guy and Anahy (JK), Jane and Jan, Will and friend (VD)

Tammi and Roger, Ursula and friend (hey you guys, this is supposed to be a happy event!) (BH)

Margo and Gary (BH), Madeleine and Phil, Ray R and Judy T-A (VD), Marissa (JK)

John Pag and Stephanie, Clarke and Rochelle (BH)

Diane and Achilles, Deborah and Ed L (VD), Joanna and Eugene (BH), Raina and Dennis B

Pat F and Amy J (VD), Gloria and Bob T (BH), Rochelle and Blair (VD)

Margo and Clarke, John K and Crissy, Esther, Megan and Bill V (VD)

Su and Arn, Carol K & Blair (BH)

Marilyn and Jean Luc (VD), Carol K (BH), Eugene and Joanna, Amy J and Raymond (VD)

Paul and Jane (BH), Will and friend (VD)

Kitty (SWL), Bob L and Gloria (BH)

Carol K and Ed F (VD), Vasudha and David S (BH)

Dennis L and ?, Buffy & David R, Evelyn and Jeff (VD), Amy F and Jean Luc (BH)

Not everyone was active all the time -- ? (JK), Guy, Molly & Steve B (BH), ? (VD)

Break Time

The Dessert Feeding Frenzy




Mary made this incredible cake for the band (JK, PB)

And she also made one for Featherside! (SWL)

The arrival, nervously, of Margo's cheese cake

John K, Bobby, Esther and John Pag -- eatin' and drinkin' (BH)

Other Break Time Happenings

There was the balancing of the feathers (AW, SWL)

or just the standing of the feathers (SWL)

Tanya, Kiela and Tara listened to some fiddle tunes (SWL)

Then there were the folks who just hung around

Bob Sch, ?Jeff, George & Debra, Marcia, Larry, Carol K, Scott, Blair (what's with the limp wrist?), Carolyn, Spike (BH)





Foggy looking people

Anahy (JMK)

Ed F and Tammi, Bojan, Caison and Gary (BK)

Bob L, Alina, Dennis L (BK)

Bob T, Jeff K, Chris, Su & Mark (BK)

No Gary, I'm taking the picture! (BK)

Dovid & Dovette were the only ones that didn't look hungover

It's time for the chicken running

Taking all the party leftover scraps out for their breakfast (JMK)

Here they come (JMK)




Doesn't look like that woke us up

Ed F and Belle, Stephanie (BK)

Jan, Tall Todd (BK)

Some folks went for an afternoon hike - Bojan & Tammi, Gary, Caison, Karen, Jeff, Raymond, Rhesa, Jeff K and maybe others



Hey Bojan, what's Caison doing up that tree? (JMK)

Then there's all the portraiture, where anyone may turn up

Terry, Connie (VD), Paul (BH)

Tall Todd, Guy (BH), Andy (VD)

Jan and ? (BH), Sherrill and Alex (VD)

Marilyn (VD), Paula B, Susan S (BH)

Molly & Steve B (VD), Leslie and Stephanie (AW)

Rhesa (VD)

Jean Luc, Suzanne (VD), Belle (BH)

Joy & Bob S (AW)

Evan (AW), Gil (VD), Clarke (JK)

Molly and Gil (VD), Blair & Carol K (BH)

Stefan, me (VD), Judy W (AW)

Ray R & Judy T-A, Suzanne & Evan (VD)

Leslie and Gil (VD), Blair and Scott (BH)

Evelyn and Nico Beau (VD), Vasudha (AW)

Kay, Art (AW), Crissy (BH)

Bob L (BH), Tammi (AW), Matthew (VD)

Phil, Steve S (BH), Shep (VD)

Bart (BH), Kevin (AW), Garrett (VD)

Sarah K & David N (AW), Raina (VD)

This is what the world sees. Thanks for making it a great party folks. See you all next year -- 3rd Saturday of September! (SWL)



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