Featherside '11 -- The 25th Anniversary Fowl Ball

September 17, 2011

Your host and hostess, Barry (AW) & Belle (BH)

The Photographers

Andy Woodruff (AW), Barry Koffler (BK), Bob Hirschberg (BH), Bojan Petek (BP), Joyce Valenti (JV), Lisa Mansourian (LM), Patrick Sisti (PS), Stefan Lisowski (SWL), and Vasudha Donnelly (VD)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

Note: A lot of the "portraiture" is at the very bottom of the page -- you might be there!

Seems this was the Year of the Coat!

Not surprisingly a western theme (BH, BH, VD)

Folks and Food Arrive!

This'll have to speak for itself! (BP)

Bob H always arrives early and gets a good parking space (BH)

And now he's started decorating his parking spot (BH)

Blake tells Patrick F where to put the "fruits" of his labors (VD)

Stefan, Jane and Will arrive with more goodies (BH, VD, VD)

Hi Jim, Hi Sharon (VD, BP)

Here's Maggie and Gemma (VD)

And Paula B and Leticia (VD)

And here come Olivia, Peter and Tom D, followed by Connie's dad Bill and Sven (BH, BH, VD)

Oh, my -- I think Patrick S is moving in! (BH)

The Feeding Frenzy

Setting things up for the frenzy (BH)

Lookit all that food! (JV)

Laila, Rich C and Jeanne dive on in (BH)




And here's some samples of that great food (VD)

Eating and Socializing

Gosh, that looks good! Stefan, Margo, Steve S (VD)

Tastes good, too! Peter and Laila, Jeanne, Jean-Luc (BH, BH, VD)

Harry & Karyn (VD)

Lori, Donna A, Clark (BP, VD, VD)

Alex P and Deb, Su and Steve S (VD, BH)

Hope and Katerina, Clark & Sherrill (VD)

Raina & friend, Greg & Ariel (VD, AW)

Myrna & Charlie, Paul & Sue E (BH)

Rich C and Judy W were sure popular with Belle & her date Kodi (BH)

Doug R, Bart, Patrick F (BH, VD)

Laila and Anita & Rob go back for more ()

Sven says "Don't go near my food" and Peter's already looking for dessert (VD, BH)

Some sleep, some never give up hope (VD)

Hmmm, I guess it was also the year of the Booze

Pam M shows up with Jello Shots! (VD)

Deb shows us how to do it (VD)

Johnny & Dale and Jim really got into it, too (VD)

Of course, there were those, like Bob H, Joyce and Jean-Luc, who preferred the wine choices (AW, BH, AW)

Yep, booze does strange things to people -- we all know Steve S can't keep his mouth shut, but Esther . . . picking pockets? (VD, BP)

Just hanging out and socializing





Donna C & Alan, Anita, Myrna, Sherrill, Bob H, Garrett; Kodi, Connie, Bill, Sven, Ursula & George S (VD, BP)

Sherry and Doug W, Kay (BH)

Pat S, Rick & Alex P, Leslie and Stephanie (AW)

"What's happening over there?"
Steve B (BH), Joyce, Clark (BH), Nico Beau (VD)

Kodi (BH)

Belle had better things to do (BP)

Three generations -- squared!
Margo, Brianna and Nico Beau, Pam M, Audrey and Gemma (BH, VD)

Olivia, Bojan and Bena (BP), Patrick F and Sherry (BH)

Steve S, Judith & Dan (AW), Molly & Steve B (VD)

Anita & Rob and Bena (BH), Pam M, Sharon and Karen (AW)

Judy W, Patrick S and Pat F (VD)

Leslie and Bob H (AW), Cindy and Jeff S (BH)

Terry and Fran & George M, Jean-Luc and Tom D (BH)

Sherry & Ed F, Olivia and Sharon (AW)

Suzanne and Ed B (AW), Ray R & Judy T (VD), Pam M and Gil (VD)

John Pag and Sherry & Ed F (AW), Sharon, Bojan and Caison (BP)

Harry & Karyn (AW), Lisa M (BH), Elissa and Bob T (BH)

Evan and Hera, Sarah C and Evan (AW)

Bojan spacing out with a plant (AW)

Doug W, Judy W and Stephanie, Ken and Barbara (VD)

Sherrill & Clark and Sarah G, Sharon and Karen (AW)

Stefan & Kimberly (VD), Craig & Ruth (LM), John V and Jim (VD)

George S & Ursula (BH), Bojan and Mark F (BP), Jeanne and Jeff S (BH)

Joanne, Ellen and Steve W (VD), Su and Mike (BP), Sharon and Caison (AW)

Heading for the Barn

Ken, Anita & Rob and Steve S are on their way . . . (VD)

to the barn! (AW)

Garrett knows what to do when you get there (AW, VD)

Margo & Nico Beau and John Pag stop to look at the birds (BH, AW)

You guessed it! (VD)

And Deb takes the opportunity to learn about them (VD)

Upstairs, the dance floor looks great, tho' the furniture is perhaps not quite aesthetically pleasing . . . but it works . . . (VD)

At least, Sherry, Ursula & George S, Connie and Bill, and Mary watch the dancing from it (VD, BH, VD)

Margo and I teach a quick Two-Step lesson

We fly around the floor doing the demo (SWL)

OK, we'll slow down so you can see what we're doing (VD)



Betsy Dawn aka BeeDee (BH), Paula (VD), Rose (BH), Lisa (BH), Brian (VD), Billy (SWL)

Let's dance!

Let's party!! (VD)

Myrna agrees! (VD)





Zahava and Patrick C, Pam M, Evan and Suzanne, Sophia and Marissa (VD); Caison and Sophia, Marissa, Jane and Pat S, Tall Todd (BH)

Martha & Mark H, Sarah C and Dennis B (VD); Pam M, Dennis B, Alex P, Jean-Luc and Maggie, George S & Ursula (BH)

Hera and Paul H, Megan J & Dennis B, Dale, Joyce & John V (BH); Bob T and Liza Jane, Sophia (SWL)

Marie and Rich C, Molly & Steve B; Sharon and Bojan, Kimberly & Stefan, Mark F and Suzanne (VD)

Marissa and Sophia (VD), Peter and Elissa (BH), Alex P and Doug W (SWL)

Dennis B & Megan J (AW), Jeanne and John Pr (BH), Buffy & David (VD)

Laila and Bojan (AW), Davette (VD), Alex & Megan F (VD)

Todd S & Laura (VD), Megan J and Steve B (BH), Dale & Johnny (VD), George M & Fran (BH), Rob & Anita (BH), Harry & Karyn (BH)

Rhesa and Jean-Luc (VD), Helene & Peter (AW), Judy W (VD), Amy and Jim O (AW)

Joanne and Roz (BH), Ed B and Bena (VD), Leticia (BH)

Jeff S and Cindy, Jean-Luc and Judy W (BH)

Hard to believe . . . but some people had fun and weren't even Two-Stepping!
Stefan & Kimberly (VD), Sandy and Pat S (BH), Stefan and Liza Jane (VD)

Belle & Kodi found their own dance floor (VD)

Dennis B & Megan J (AW), John V & Joyce (BH), Susan F and Bob T (VD), Zahava and Dennis B ((VD), Vasudha and Alex F (BH), Steve S and Megan J (VD)

Guy and Megan F (VD), Laila (SWL), Steve S and Kimberly (VD)

Anstiss and Gil, Terry and Pat M (BH)

Andy and Madeleine (VD), Gil and Stephanie (VD), Rhesa and Dominique (BH), Laila and Gil (AW), Carol and Dennis L (VD)

Steve B & Molly (VD), Jean-Luc and Maggie (BH), Sophia and Marissa (AW), Ralph and Sue W (VD), Diane and Jim O (AW), Carol and Ed F (VD)

Caison and Jeanne (BH), Sherrill (VD), Anstiss and Bobby (BH)

Will and Elissa (BH), Mark F and Leticia (BH), Sherry (AW)

Tall Todd and Liza Jane (VD), Jeanne (VD), Reina and Paul H (BH), Liza Jane and Patrick C (VD)

Anne S, Amy and Dennis B (BH)

Dan & Judith (BH), Donna A & Rich P (VD), Marissa (VD)

Mike and Amy (VD), Kitty S & Tony (VD), Sarah G and Dennis B (BH), Cindy and Bill (BH)

Clark and Sarah G, Bojan and Sharon, Dennis B and Sarah C (VD)

Break Time

The Dessert Feeding Frenzy



There was plenty to drink, too (BH)

Bird's eye view -- tho' the birds aren't allowed up there! (VD)

Another view (BH)

Sarah C and Mark F are really taking a break (AW)

Lisa M, Connie and Bill (VD)

Doug R and Stephanie (AW), Joyce and Sherrill (BH)

Johnny & Dale (BH), Judy W and Mary (VD)

Olivia and Rich P (VD), Leslie & Andy (BH)

Dennis L and Norman, George M, Laura & Todd S (VD)

Terry, Lisa M and Patrick S (BH)

Break Dancing?

Well, it was the break, and Kai, Sophia, Jacob, Ariel, Marissa and Maria were dancing (BH)


Foggy looking people

Mark F (BP), Anahy and Anstiss (SWL)

Ed F and Stephanie, Sherry and Su (BK)

Jeff K and Su, Stephanie and Anahy (BK)

Kodi was the only one who didn't look out of it -- of course, food was in the offing (BK)

Anahy got it together to make eggs for everyone; I did the coffee and Stephanie did the muffins (BK)

And everyone (in this case Tall Todd, Judy W and Ralph) was hungry (BK)

Breakfast can do wonders, can't it? (Sarah C by BK)

Mark F, Bojan, Stephanie and Will; Stefan, Anstiss, Will and Wendy (BK)

Will: is he telling Stephanie and Wendy about the big dance that got away? (BK)

Of course, Kimberly and Stefan ended up in at the computers, with Anstiss looking on (BK)

This is Ed & Sherry F's tent - I was scared to look in it, I thought it might have more rooms than my house! (BK)

And now out for the chicken running

On the way, Stephanie stops to visit her favorite ducks, the Runners (BK)

The lucky birds get all the leftovers from the potluck, while Stephanie, Carol, Dominique and Patrick S watch (BK)

Anahy and Lisa M get shots of the birds eating, while Stephanie looks on (PS)

And then some shots of the chicken watchers: Lisa M and Patrick S (BK), Lisa M and Terry (PS)

Lisa M (PS) and Terry (BK) stayed til the bitter end (well, it's always a bit bitter for me when you all leave)

Then there's all the portraiture, where anyone may turn up

John Pr, Paul H (BH), Billy (VD)

Hera (VD), Elissa (BP), Carol (VD)

Margo and Nico Beau (VD)

Reina (VD), Myrna (VD), Laila (BH)

Paul W (VD), Terry (BK), Tom D (VD)

Sherry (BH), Pam M and Audrey (VD), Joyce (AW)

Lisa B (VD), Leslie & Andy (VD), Norman (VD)

Tall Todd (VD), Doug H (VD), Steve B (VD)

Alex P (AW), Judy W (BH), Kay (VD

Paul E (AW), Bart (AW), Art (BH)

Anstiss (BH), Paula W (VD), Audrey and Gemma (AW)

Jean-Luc (VD), Guy (AW), Patrick S (BH)

Lisa M (BH), Brenda (SWL), Cindy (VD)

Stefan (BH), Bojan (BP), Ray R (VD)

Pam M (VD), Myrna (BH), Paula B (VD)

Ralph (VD), Garrett (VD), Evan (VD)

Sarah G (AW), Rose (VD), Suzanne (BH)

Su (AW), Betsy Dawn (BH), Paula B (VD)

George S (VD), Anita (AW), Rob (BH)

Closing as usual with Liza Jane's fashion statement for the year (VD)

And a goodbye wave to all of you! Thanks for making it a great party folks. See you all next year -- 3rd Saturday of September! (Sarah C by VD)



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