Featherside '13 -- The 27th Annual Fowl Ball

September 21, 2013

Your host and hostess, Barry & Belle (JH, SWL, VD)


This year's party is dedicated to the weather, which was kind enough not to drop tons of water until we were all dancing in the barn!

The Photographers

Annie Schiesel (AF), Barry Koffler (BK), Bojan Petek (BP), Bonnie Rosenstock (BR), Gary Warner (GW), Joanne Hudela (JH), Myrna Figueiredo (MF), Robert Hirschberg (RH), Stefan Lisowski (SWL), Stephanie Charles (SC), Vasudha Donnelly (VD), and Dan & Virginia Lieberstein (DL & VL)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

Note: A lot of the "portraiture" is at the very bottom of the page -- you might be there!


Folks and Food Arrive!

Stephanie, Anahy and Rodetis (Susan) were about the first to arrive (SWL)

And here's Blake, ready to take on her kitchen duties and keep it all running smoothly! (SWL)

Greeting John & Joyce V and Matt (JH)

Here comes Madeleine and Gene, Amy W, Ron and Paula, and JoAnna V and Jack (SC, SWL, SWL)

Hey, it's Fran & George and Scott & Lilikette (SWL)

It's caroling time!! Tim & Carol G, Blair & Carol K (SWL)

And here come the fruits - I mean the watermelon and cider, thanks to Terry K and Jan S (SWL, JH)

The Feeding Frenzy begins


(AS, RH)



(JH, MF)


Joanne's got her fork ready and waiting! (SWL)

Madeleine, Joan, Karen (JH, RH, RH)

Liquid Refreshments Were Also Popular

Here's the beer (SWL)

Seems to be the choice of Carol G and Marsha (RH, JH)

Wine was also popular: Rik, Anahy, Carol K (RH)

Eating and Socializing

Vasudha and Carol F, Patti and Sarah (SWL, RH)

Doug W, Gene and Matt (RH, AS)

June, Michele, Amy W (SC, MF, JH)

Lilikette, Fran, Joy (AS, RH, JH)

Tom De, Bart, Alina & Megan F (AS, AS, VD)

Gary, Marissa and Caison, Carol G & Tim (JH, RH, RH)

Just hanging out and socializing

Early on . . . (SWL)









Clark and Evan (JH)

John & Joyce V, Stefan, Annie (RH, JH)

Tom De, Steve S, Matt, Bena (AS, JH)

Myrna & Charlie P (MF, JH)

Den B, Joy, Sherrill, Vasudha (JH, AS)

Carol F, Tall Todd, Terry v H, Patti (RH)

Annie, Rona, Ed B & Bena, Sue W, Rich C (JH)

Dan & Virginia and Ursula (JH)

Rodetis, Carol K, Jay W, John K (JH)

George, Margo, Patti, Arn (JH)

Raina, Rochelle, Joanne, Carolyn C (JH, BR)

Bobby Mac & Raksha, Vasudha & Tony (RH, AS)

Anahy, Martha & Mark (SC, MF)

Judy T and friend, David and Rodetis (JH, RH)

Steve S and Rhesa, Rich C, Rob & Deborah (MF, JH)

Stephanie, Judy T, Bena & Ed B (JH)

Joanna M and Flo, Joanne (RH)

Carol K & Blair, Robert, June and Garrett (JH)

Donna W, Charlie C & Paula, Dorcinda and Rik (RH, JH)

Terry v H, Doug W, Carol K, Megan F, Jean Luc, Ed S (JH, RH)

I think Annie had more fun than almost anyone, even Joanne (SWL, SWL, MF)

OK, maybe Sherrill & Clark were having fun, too (MF)

So why were Stefan, Terry v H and Gil hiding? (RH)

And what on earth were Rodetis, Bena and Sophia doing? (SWL, MF, MF)

Annie and Anahy, Flossie and Rodetis (JH, MF)

Blair & Carol K, Carol F (RH, VD)

Jean Luc and Bonnie, Michele, Sherrill and Diane (JH)

Me and Lou - no, not me and you! (MF)

Anahy, Stephanie and Karin, Garrett and Joanne (RH, RH, AS)

Sherrill & Clark, Ralph and Bonnie (RH, JH)

Why did things suddenly get so serious? (MF)

Carol L and Rona, Jeff S & Martha (JH, SWL)

Lauren, Mallory, Art & Sheila, Tom Du and Cindy, Joanne and Blair (AS, SWL, JH)

Clark and Evan, Carol K and Margo (VD, SWL)

Margo, Paula & Charlie C (AS, RH)

Sherrill and Kay, Gil and Stephanie (RH, VD)

The begonia wanted to play, too (JH)

A little time out from the weighty actions of hosting (RH)


Definitely time to go to the Barn

Gettin' ready (SWL, SWL, RH)

Passing the garden (SWL)

Various waterfowl (VL)

Oh, look! There's Lila and her twins (BR)

Arn & Rona approaching the Runner Ducks (and one Saxony) (SWL)

Virginia and Terry v H check out the pond (DL, SWL)

There I go with John V (AS)

Belle greets the band as Dennis unloads (AS)

Vasudha, Art and some other folk check out the birds (SWL, MF)

Some of the birds -- click on the image for a movie of fowl being fowl! (MF)

These are Spangled Russian Orloffs, one of the rare breeds I work with. There is a token Welsummer hen in the middle of the picture and to the right is a Buff Wyandotte, the other breed I work with. (VD)

Here come Charlie P and Margo (MF)

Terry v H is working his way upstairs (RH)

Amy W's all ready up there communing with Spike (SWL)

Margo and I teach a quick Two-Step lesson

Slow, slow, quick, quick! (RH)



Betsy Dawn aka BeeDee, Paula, Karen, Lisa, Lew, Dennis (RH)

And thanks to my friend Lou, who took on the job of sound man for the evening! (SWL)

Let's dance!





Amy F & Doug M (RH), Virginia & Dan L (RH), Bonnie and Patrick C (SWL), Dorcinda (SWL), Steve S and Annie (RH)

Diane, Rodetis and Gary (RH)

Lilikette & Scott, Carolyn L & Doug W (RH)

Sue W and Patrick C, Gene and Cindy, Bonnie and Rob, Clark and Margo (RH)

Megan J and Tommy D, Achilles and Rhesa, Amy F and Dennis B (RH)

Stephanie and Rich C (MF), Joanne and Ed S (RH), Charlie P and ?? (SWL), Gil and Stephanie (RH), Carolyn L and Garrett (RH)

Who are they (on the left)?, Kevin and friend (RH)

Dorcinda and Paul W, Sue & Red R (RH)

Mary (RH), Anahy and Tom Du (SWL), Ed L and Carolyn C (RH)

Um, Paul and Ed B -- just what were you doing to Madeleine and Annie? (RH)

Steve S and Anahy, Stephanie and Arn (RH)

Alison M & daughter, Carol F and Ralph (RH)

Donna J & Peter H, Rona & Arn (RH)

Sue W (MF), Tom Du and Karin (RH), Amy F and ?? (SWL), Dorcinda and Stefan (RH)

Judith & Dan Z, Alison M and Art (RH)

Jeff M and Carol F (MF), Dennis B and Megan J, Evan, Ed L and Julie, Sherrill and Rich P (RH)

Megan J and Paul H (RH)

Break Time

Looks like the band's ready to take a break (MF)

It did get real hot: Myrna, Blair (RH)

Scott & Lilikette, Donna W and Linda, Anahy and Gene (RH)

Annie, Rodetis, Karin, Joanna M (RH)

Shannon & Hank, Carolyn C & Pat F (RH)

Dorcinda and Stefan, Terry v H and Virginia (RH)

Stephanie, Karin, Pat S, Clark (RH)

Blair takes a read (RH)

Even Belle needed a break -- with Rona (MF)

Time for Dessert!

What a wonderful cake! (RH, BK, RH, RH)

Thanks to Mary!! The cake-maker! (RH)

Terry v H, Mary, Sherrill & Clark (RH)


Tired people early on -- Bonnie, Caison, Tall Todd (SC)

Gary and Judy W, Jean Luc, Tall Todd, Karin (SC)

And now out for the chicken running

Tall Todd, Jean Luc, Jeff K, Karin, Stephanie, Anahy, Rodetis, Gary (BR)

The Chicken Running! (BR) -- The movie (SC)

Moi (BR) -- The movie! (SC)

Didn't get a lot livelier in the sun later -- Rodetis, Anahy, Tall Todd (BK)


Caison & Gary (SC)

Stephanie, Bonnie, Karin (BK)

Karin, Stephanie, Bonnie, Jean Luc (BK)

Rodetis doing her pirate imitation: AAARRR!! (BK)

The Sunday afternoon hike --
somewhere up high on Mohonk

Caison, Gary and Rhesa (BP)

Bojan doing a handstand near the edge (GW)

Then there's all the portraiture, where anyone may turn up

Madeleine (RH), Wendy (JH), Judy T (VD)

Gene (JH), Stefan (AS), Steve (RH)

Jo M (RH), Margo (SWL), Vasudha (JH)

Ursula (RH), Rodetis (JH), Anahy (BR)

Charlie P (MF), Rich C (VD), George (RH)

Alina (VD), Anahy (RH), Blake (RH)

Ed L (SWL), Pat F (RH), Gary (JH)

Martha (JH), Sue W (RH), Myrna (RH)

Ed (RH), Gil (SC), Howard (JH)

Annie (SWL), Raina (VD), Joy (JH)

Sherrill (JH), Carolyn C (JH), Anahy (SC)

Bart (RH), Dennis B (JH), Stefan (RH)

Rona (SWL), Myrna (AS), Joan (RH)

Ursula (SWL), Sarah (JH), Linda (JH)

John K (JH), Tony (VD), Terry v H (BR)

JoAnna V (JH), Cindy (JH), Martha (VD)

Caroling again: Carol G (JH), Carol F (VD), Carol K (RH)

Bob S (RH), Jan S (AS), Evan (VD)

Rochelle (VD), Virginia (RH), Madeleine (BR)

Hat guys: Me (AS), Jeff S (JH), Terry v H (VD)

Kay (JH), Marissa (RH), Rodetis (SC)

Paul H (JH), Lou (RH), Jean Luc (AS)

Anahy (JH), Myrna (VD), Annie (RH)

Ralph (RH), Doug W (VD), Charlie C (RH)

Stefan (RH), Rodetis (RH), Terry K (BR)

Vasudha (RH)

Since I can't close as usual with Liza Jane's latest fashion statement, we'll go with Madeleine's -- definitely in the right direction (SWL, JH)

Bye!! Thanks for making it a great party folks. See you all next year on September 20th! (VD)

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