Featherside '14 -- The 28th Annual Fowl Ball

September 20, 2014

Your host and hostess, Barry & Belle (SWL, DW, AS)


This year's party is dedicated to my Wood Turtle, "Doubtful," who passed away in August at a minimum age of 68. She was with me since 1971.

She got her name from Edward Gorey's wonderful book The Doubtful Guest. A friend asked me to keep her for 2 months. She got named a couple years later.

The Photographers

Anahy Antara (AA), Annie Schiesel (AS), Babbie Jacobs (BJ), Barry Koffler (BK), Bojan Petek (BP), Cindy Shamp (CS), Doug Wicks (DW), Lilikette Eckenrode (LE), Lori Bailey (LB), Margo Bloom (MB), Mike Luwisch (ML), Myrna Figueiredo (MF), Robert Hirschberg (RH), Stefan Lisowski (SWL), and Vasudha Donnelly (VD)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

Note: A lot of the "portraiture" is at the very bottom of the page -- you might be there!



The Feeding Frenzy begins








Some of that great food, with Dennis B preparing the barbeque he brought (SWL)

Blake working to keep it all together (VD)

Liquid Refreshments Were Also Popular


The beer drinkers: Daryl, Silvina (SWL)

Or have some wine: Pat F and Babbie, Ed L, Gabriela (MF, RH, RH)

Eating and Socializing

Bob H, Dorcinda, Bart, Bojan (VD, SWL, AS, RH)

Leslie & Andy W, Esther, Amy, Jean Luc, Bojan (SWL, AS)

Connie, Nico, Rhesa (RH, VD, VD)

Gil, Anahy, Sherrill (SWL, RH, AS)

Of course, there are different eating styles: Molly, Will & Wendy, Silvina -- oops! (VD, ML, RH)

Megan F & Alina, Anahy and Silvina (VD, AS)

Paula B, Alex, Tatyana & Elliot (SWL, DW, SWL)

Carolyn L, Anne, Doug W, Marissa, Sophia, Caison (AS, RH)

Rik and Gabriela, Peter E & Anne (AS, RH)

Jane, Bobby Mac & Raksha, Anahy (AS)

Just hanging out and socializing

Jan, Rich C, Ed L, Gabriela, Ray, Doug W (RH)













Bena and Fran, Megan (RH, MF)

Blair & Carol K, Gene, Johnny, Pat F, Judy T, Charlie (AS, MF)

George M & Fran, Doug W & Carolyn L, Brianna & Nico (SWL)

Cindy, Ralph, Judy W, Ron, Donna A, Myrna (CS, MF)

Ed B and Kay, Margo & Nico, Gabriela and Garrett (SWL, SWL, AS)

Blair, Kate, Anne, Walter & Clare (RH, SWL)

Margo and Annie R, Sherrill (AS, MF)

Laughter is good for you: Andy O and Ed B, Annie S (RH)

So are dogs: Gabriela and Belle, Liana and Belle (RH, VD)

Jane, Charlie, Deborah & Rick, Teresa and Rich C (AS, RH)

Stefan, Jeff W and Peter M (SWL, MF)

Babbie, Clark, Sarah G, Rick F, Sherrill, Kay, Alex (VD)

Annie S, Margo, Annie R, Ilse (SWL, MF)

Shannon & Hank, Bill K & Michele K, and the cousins: George Z and Andy O (RH, VD, RH)

Gene and Cindy, Bob H and Stefan (SWL, VD)

Vivi, Bena, Steve S, Teresa, Ed B, Jean Luc, Ray, Steve S (ML, VD, AS)

Silvina and Gil, Carolyn L & Doug W (VD)

Annie S, Gabriela, Gary, Pam (SWL, VD)

Ving, Annie R, Margo (SWL)

Dennis and Lisa, Judy T and Myrna (SWL, MF)

Jay & Polly, Blair & Carol K, Johnny and Raina (RH, SWL, SWL)

Joy, Bena, Vivi, Blair & Carol K, Frank, Pat S, Ray (RH)

Kate, Margo, Den L, Annie S, Donna A, Teresa, Garrett (VD, MF, MF)

Ruth & Craig, Myrna and Andy, Scott & Lilikette (SWL, RH, SWL)

Don't ask me! Rhesa and Myrna (SWL, VD)

Anahy and Silvina, Gil and Myrna (RH, MF)

Pam, Cindy (RH, SWL)

Matt and Zahava, Carolyn L, Anne, Doug W (SWL, RH)

Connie & Sven, Mark & Phyllis (VD)

Definitely time to go to the Barn


Passing this year's minimalist garden (AA)

The pond looks better (VD)

Oh, look at the sheep! The big white one is Lila with her twins. Lucinda, black in background, also had twins. (VD)

Gil and Ilse on the way to the barn. Jan and Gabriela are practicing on the way. (VD, MF)

Barn decor (SWL)

Bird watchers (SWL, MF, SWL)

Watched birds (RH)

My friend Craig brought me a young Partridge Brahma hen (SWL)

Before and after: Amy (RH)

Ron's gettin' ready to dance, too (SWL)

Margo and I teach a quick Two-Step lesson

Get ready (RH)

Do it like this (VD)

There you go!! (SWL)

Yep, you've got it! (VD)


Band prep (SWL, MF)

Girl Howdy (VD)

Paula, Bobby, Karen, Lisa, Lew, Dennis and Peter sitting in (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL, VD, VD, VD)

The crowd waiting for the music to start (SWL)

Yes Ma'am, whatever you say Ma'am! (RH)

Let's dance!



(MF, RH)

(VD, LE)



Shannon & Hank, Raksha, Bobby Mac and Zahava (RH, VD, VD)

Ron and Pat, Jo and Dennis L, Roni, Bojan & Amy, Elliot & Tatyana, Annie R and Ving (SWL, VD, RH, RH, SWL)

Esther and Tall Todd, Bart and Gabriela, Rhesa and Jack (RH, VD, SWL)

Carol K & Blair, Dorcinda and Stefan, Rich C and Teresa, Dennis L and Annie S, Amy and Ron (SWL, RH, AS, VD, VD)

Sue & Red R, Michele C, Lori and George Z, Bena & Ed B (SWL, VD, RH, SWL)

Jean Luc and Sophia, Andy O and Donna A, Cyd and Rick F, Caison and Sophia, Carolyn B (VD, VD, RH, RH, SWL)

Will and Laura, Carolyn B and Pat F, Pam, Jean Luc and Roni (RH, SWL, VD, SWL)

Cindy and Ron, Megan J and Dennis L, Pam, Peter M & Helene (SWL, SWL, VD, VD)

Carol G & Tim, Carolyn B, Deborah and Will (SWL)

Judy T and Rick F, George Z and Megan J, Andy W & Leslie, Harvey and Linda (SWL, VD, VD, VD)

Kate and Ralph, Dennis B and Carol K, Dorcinda and Stefan (SWL, VD, RH)

Margo and Johnny, Shannon & Hank, Rhesa and Gary, Clark and Megan J, Maggie & Laren (SWL, VD, VD, SWL, RH)

Myrna & Charlie, Garrett and Michele C, Megan J and Dennis L, Nancy and Will (SWL, VD, VD, SWL)

Sophia, Dorcinda and Dennis B, Jo and Gene, Megan J and Clark, Annie S and Dennis L (VD, SWL, SWL, ML, VD)

George Z and Margo, Gene and Megan J, Vivi and Clark (VD)

Annie S and Gene, Johnny and Vivi, Dorcinda and Stefan, Teresa and Steve S, Carolyn B and Garrett (SWL, VD, MB, RH, VD)

Andy O and Zahava, Lilikette & Scott, Phyllis & Mark (SWL)

Dennis B and Linda, Will and Cindy, Annie S and Mike L, Pat F and Cyd, Gene and Jo (RH, VD, SWL, SWL, SWL)

Andy W & Leslie, George Z and Gabriela, Vasudha and Ralph (SWL, SWL, RH)

Hank & Shannon, Bart and Vasudha, Dorcinda and Rich C, Sophia, Roni and Rick F (RH, SWL, SWL, VD, VD)

Marissa, Zahava and Andy O, Lori & Kevin (SWL, SWL, VD)

Dennis B and Alex, Dorcinda and Kevin, Sherrill & Clark, Amy & Bojan (RH, SWL, SWL, SWL)

Garrett and Donna A, Gil and Deborah, Tall Todd and Cindy (SWL)

Sometimes people just watched: Scott & Lilikette, Fran, Kitty, Amy, Jeff W, Jo, Charlie (RH, SWL, RH)

Break Time

The Healing Touch -- George Z and Margo (VD)

Carol G & Tim, Dennis L and Megan J (VD, SWL)

The Feeding Frenzy begins again (SWL)




Shep and Rhesa (SWL)

Peter E & Anne, Rich C and Dorcinda, Myrna and Bobby Mac (SWL)


The Running of the Chickens!

Judy W, Scott, Gabriela, Anahy, Jean Luc, Lilikette, Jeff K (BK)

Cindy, Gary, Judy W, Gabriela, Jeff K, Jean Luc (BK)

Jaime, Jaime and Anahy, Gabriela (LE, BK)

Nigel Too (CS)

Feeding turkeys (and Gabriela) (CS, LE)

Hey, look up, there's pigeons! (BK)

A row of Black Nuns and Peter the English Trumpeter (LE)

Sleepy people

Anahy and Amy (BK)

Judy W and Jean Luc (BK)

Not everyone was tired (click on it!! If it doesn't play, try a different browser) -- Bojan and Gary were still dancing! (BK)

Then there's all the portraiture, where anyone may turn up

Dorcinda, Judy W, Bena (SWL, VD, AS)

Elliot, Gene, Clark, Art (SWL, MF, VD, SWL)

Anne, Annie R, Annie S (SWL)

Mark, Johnny, Ralph (SWL, VD, SWL)

Alex, Sue R, Judy T (VD, SWL, AS)

Nico, Alina (SWL, VD)

Linda, Silvina, Pam (SWL, SWL, VD)

Bob H, Bobby S, Andy O (SWL, VD, SWL)

Paula B, Margo, Paula (SWL)

Dennis L, Ray, Dennis B (SWL)

Carol K, Esther, Sarah G (AS, SWL, VD)

Evan, Red, Steve B, Frank (RH, SWL, VD, AS)

Zahava, Myrna, Sherrill (SWL, VD, AS)

Steve S, Ray, Mike L, Rik (RH, RH, AS, VD)

Kay, Laura, Molly (VD, SWL, AS)

John Pag, Blair, Stefan, Craig (AS, SWL, VD, SWL)

Carol K, Deborah, Lori (SWL)

Pat F, Jay, Garrett (SWL, SWL, VD, RH)

Gabriela, Blake, Brianna, Carol G (SWL)

Rich M, Bill K, Daryl, Jan (SWL, RH, SWL, RH)

Molly, Phyllis, Ilse (VD, SWL, SWL)

George M, Rich C, Sven, Stefan (SWL, SWL, RH, AS)

Sherrill, Carol K, Michele K (VD, VD, MF)

Rhesa (SWL)

And this year the fashion statement was clearly made by Stefan! (VD)

Thanks for making it another great party folks. See you all next year on September 19th! (BJ, LB)

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