Featherside '15 -- The 29th Annual Fowl Ball

September 19, 2015

Your host (RH, MF)

The Photographers

Babbie Jacobs (BJ), Barry Koffler (BK), Dorcinda Knauth (DK), Gary Warner (GW), Lori Bailey (LB), Myrna Figueiredo (MF), Nancy Ostrovsky (NO), Paul Hunnebeck (PH), Ray Seney (RS), Robert Hirschberg (RH), Stephanie Charles (SC), Sue Thomas (ST), and Vasudha Donnelly (VD)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

Note: A lot of the "portraiture" is at the very bottom of the page -- you might be there!


Greeting Amy H (VD)

And here come Daryl, Bojan, Tall Todd, Sven, and Denise (RH)

The Feeding Frenzy begins


(VD, RH, RH)


(MF, LB)


Liquid Refreshments Were Also Popular

Pat F, Sue T, Amy H, Jean Luc, Bill, Tim, Barbara (LB, RH)

Vasudha, Rob S and Arn -- Stubborn cork!! (RH)

Looks like Bart had an easier time (VD, RH)

Pour it out -- Karen, Pat F, Stephanie and Karin (RH)

Drink it up! -- Adrienne, Lori W, Marcia L, and Gabriela (RH)

Cheers from Renee (VD)

Eating and Socializing

Hunting and gathering: Connie, Carolyn C & Pat F, Robert and Charlie (RH, RH, RH, MF)

Rhesa, Babbie, Anahy and Pat F smilin' over their feed (VD, RH, RH)

More smiles: Margo, Madeleine, Cindy, Bart (VD, RH, RH, VD)

Daryl, Gil, Tall Todd (RH, RH, VD)

Annie, Barbara & Bill, Cindy, Ralph, Gabriela (RH)

Kay, Larry, Maria, Blair (VD, VD, RH)

Donna & Rich P, Connie & Sven (LB)

Carolyn C, Myrna, Amy F, Kay (RH)

Raina, Nancy O, Marcia L, Mike L & Margaret, Renee (RH)

Ed L and Judy W, Diane D and Ed L (RH, VD)

Just hanging out and socializing








Rick F, Amy F, Blair, Carolyn C, Carol K, Pat F, Denise, Cindy, Kay, Arlene, Ralph, Judy W, Molly (RH)


Ursula, Gabriela, Andy B, Steve S, Gene, Ray S & Renee (RH)

Doug M, Kay, Blair & Carol K, Alex & Rick F, Bill K, Charlie, Raina, Deborah & Rick (MF)

Sue T, Bart, Ralph, Bill K, Andy O, Rich C (RH)

Steve Bern, Alex, Molly, Pam (RH)

Bena, Amy F, Bill K (MF, RH)

Bill, Tim, Barbara, Bart, Babbie (RH)

Doug M, Lianne, Scott & Marcia B, Carol K (twice), Lori B & Kevin C (RH, LB, RH, VD)

Paula S, George Z, Vasudha, George Z, Stephanie (VD, RH)

Carol V, Marcia L, Diane N, Bart (MF, RH)

Photobombing: Bob H, Carol K, George Z, Roger, Vasudha, Carol G (VD, RH)

Bill K, Pamela & Ray R, Roger, Patti (RH)

Garrett, Babbie, Bena, Arn, Rona & Arn, Cindy (LB, LB, RH, RH)

Ursula & Andy B (RH)

Arn & Rona, Blair and Karen (RH, VD)

Bob H, Garrett, Evan, Myrna, Gene, Madeleine (LB, VD, VD)

Cindy, Steve S, Myrna, Annie (RH, MF)

Paul, Bart, Steve S, Bob S & Joy (RH)

Lianne, Roger, Marcia L, Gene (VD, RH)

Myrna, Stephanie, Amy F, Arlene, Eric, Myrna (RH, MF)

Vasudha, Dennis, Raina, Rhesa (LB, RH)

Belle just isn't a party animal (RH)

Kevin C, Vasudha, Karen, Pam (LB, VD)

Gabriela and Roger, Bill & Barbara (VD)

Marissa, Rhesa, George M & Fran; Marcia B, Bena, Joyce, Diane D (MF)

Gary & Elizabeth, Judy W, Belle, Cindy (RH)

Rona, Sherrill, Steve B, Bena, Carol K & Blair (VD, RH)

Bart, Babbie, Bill K, Vasudha, Lori B (LB, LB, RH)

Holley, Rik, Denise, Cindy, Judy (RH, VD)

Just another odd year -- Rhesa, Clark, Jan, Tall Todd (VD, RH, LB)

But fun!! -- Gabriela (RH)

And then it got dark (MF)


And everyone went off to dance (MF)

Definitely time to go to the Barn


Belle (VD)

Johnny V brought me pigeons! (LB)

Rona & Arn (LB)

Barn decor (MF)

Watching the fowl -- on the right, front to back: Hush, Alice and Boygonia (RH, PH)

And the fowl watching you! (NO)

Margo and I teach a quick Two-Step lesson

"Come learn to Two-Step!" (DK)

This is how it's done (LB, VD)

That's it: slow, slow, quick, quick -- Monica Rose and Danyelle (LB)

And you're ready for the band! (LB)


(RH, VD)

Steve Bernstein, Michael Snow, Brian Melick, Robert Bard, Mark Bernstein (VD, VD, RH, RH, VD)

Wow!! Great Band! (VD)

Steve B sat in and I accompanied him on bass for a couple numbers (VD)

Then I sang my new favorite waltz: Misery Loves Company (VD)

Let's dance!



(VD, MF)


(LB, VD)


Pam and Karen, Deborah and Gil, Ed S and Zahava, Tall Todd and Paula W, Marcia L and Dominique (RH, VD, VD, RH, VD)

Dennis and Ilsa, Anita & Rob S, Mike L and Madeleine (RH)

Lori B and Steve S, Amy H & Bojan, Mike L & Margaret, Wendy & Will, Rob S and Jill (RH, RH, VD, VD, RH)

Rich C and Madeleine, Stephanie and Ralph, Jill and Steve B, Arn & Rona, Gary & Elizabeth (MF, VD, VD, RH, RH)

Blair & Carol K, Carol K and Roger (RH)

Ed B & Bena, Jill and Kevin C, Rick F and Roni, Babbie and Garrett, Monica R and Pat F (VD, VD, VD, VD, RH)

Ralph and Paula S, Jill, Gabriela and Dennis (VD)

Paula W, Donna, Lori W (LB, ST, VD)

Lianne (VD, ST)

Maria and Gene, Dennis and Gabriela, Paula W and Garrett, Myrna & Charles, Anita & Rob S (VD)

Diane N and Blair, Marcia L, Steve B and Jill (RH, VD, VD)

John D and Madeleine, Carolyn & Pat F, Margaret & Mike L, Stephanie and Gil, Madeleine and Tall Todd (RS, VD, VD, VD, RH)

Rich C and Marcia L, Clark and Zahava, Deborah and Gil, Kevin C & Lori B (RH, ?, VD)

Maria and Roger, Roger and Lianne, Kevin C and Vasudha, Cindy and Pat F, Pat F & Carolyn (?, RH, MF, VD, RH)

Jessica & Eric, Rich C and Lianne, Deborah and Evan (VD)

Ed L and Annie, Blair & Carol K, Margo, Kevin C & Lori B (VD)

Break Time


(RH, LB)

(RH, LB)

ED S, Zahava, Lianne, Rich C, Steve Bern, Bojan (LB)

Rich P, Carolyn, Sue T, Steve S (MF)



Evan, Gabriela, Roger, Jill, Barbara, Adrienne, Marilyn (LB, RH)

Anahy, ?, ?, Karin, Marcia B, Adrienne, Marilyn (RH)

Amy H, Carol G, Dana, Garrett (RH, VD)

Marcia B, Bob H, Paula W, Charles (VD, MF)

Scott & Marcia B, Tom & Cyd (RH)

Marcia B, Carol K, Margo, Gil, Stephanie, Mark & Martha (RH, LB, RH)

So much dancing, oh those aching body parts: Vasudha, Amy H, Raina, Deborah (RH, MF)



Some folks tented (BK)

And used the trees for their clothesline! (BK)

Breakfast Time

Anahy & John D (SC)

Elizabeth & Gary (BK)

Jill, Bojan, Marcia L, Babbie (BK)

Gary, Amy H, Marissa, Sophia, Jill; Sophia and Marissa as Gary snapped them in the photo to the left (BK, GW)

The Running of the Chickens!

Opening the barn and tossing the party leftovers (SC)

Fowl eating (BJ, SC)

A glimpse into the barn (SC)

Chicken watchers: Gabriela, Sue T, Babbie, Gary & Elizabeth, Marcia L, Tall Todd, Stephanie, John D & Anahy; Gary, John D & Anahy (BK, SC)

Tall Todd, Stephanie, Babbie, Marcia L, Gary & Elizabeth, John D & Anahy; Sue T, Babbie, Marcia L (BK, SC)

Sleepy people

Anahy (SC)

Bojan, Belle, Elizabeth & Gary (ST, SC)

Sue T (ST)

And a few had the energy to hike!

Elizabeth, Rhesa, Bojan; Elizabeth, Rhesa (GW)

Bojan, Elizabeth (GW)

Then there's all the portraiture, where anyone may turn up

Cindy, Myrna, Carol G (VD, VD, RH)

Ed B, Garrett, Bill K (RH, VD, RH)

Arlene, Gabriela, Stephanie (VD, VD, RH)

Blair, Ed S (RH, VD, VD)

Molly, Raina, Annie (VD, VD, RH)

Gene, John E, Ed L (RH, VD, RH)

Amy H, Marilyn, Judy W (RH, RH, VD)

Rik, Rick, Rich P (VD, RH, RH)

Ursula, Denise, Fran (RH, RH, VD)

Ray S, Paul, Holley (RH, VD, RH)

Sherrill, Pam, Marcia L (RH, VD, RH)

Clark, Steve B, Tim (RH, VD, RH)

Doug, Ralph, Evan (RH, VD, VD)

Maria, Roger, Andy O (VD, RH, RH)

Myrna has the fashion spot this year (MF)

Thanks for making it another great party folks. See you all next year on September 17th! (MF)

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