Featherside '17 -- The 31st Annual Fowl Ball

September 16, 2017

Your host (JL, SWL)

The Photographers

Anahy Antara (AA), Babbie Jacobs (BJ), Barry Koffler (BK), Jean-Luc Martel (JL), Joyce Valenti (JV), Robert Hirschberg (RH), Stefan Lisowski (SWL), Stephanie Charles (SC) and Vasudha Donnelly (VD)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

Note: A lot of the "portraiture" is at the very bottom of the page -- you might be there!

Saying Hi! (RH)

Uh oh! A party crasher (RH, AA)

The Feeding Frenzy begins

Preparing Kathleen for the frenzy (RH)

Look at all that great food! (RH)

And those great feeders! (SC, RH)





Liquid Refreshments Were Also Popular

(RH, VD)

Tom, Kathy, Anahy, Stephanie (RH)

Anahy, Rik, Anne O, Carol K, Stephanie, Mike M, Anahy (VD, RH)

Dennis L, Gail, Dennis B (VD, RH, RH)

Eating and Socializing

Intensely eating: Jan S, Libby, Johnny V (RH)

Intensely being fed: Kosta & son (AA)

Gary and Madeleine (AA)

David & Vivian, Charles (RH, VD)

Gabriela, Robert H, George Z, Steve S, Jan J, Mark F, Kay, Paul, Ed L (VD, RH)

Deborah, Liana, Jean-Luc, Megan (AA, RH, RH, RH)

George Z, Steve S, Vivi, Rochelle, Gabriela (RH)

Fran, Amy F, Yvette, Paula B (SC, RH)

Sherrill, Rochelle, Jim D (VD)

Just hanging out and socializing







Bea, Carol K & Blair (AA, VD)

Kevin C, Tony, Jan S; Kosta, Lydia & Gabriella (VD, RH)

Dennis B & Amy J (VD, RH)

Nancy, Myrna & Charles; Adrienne and Lydia (RH)

Gabriela, Garrett, Vivi, Ray (RH)

Kathy, Clare, Hank & Shannon; Nancy, Myrna & Charles, Danny & Judy T (RH)

Vivi, Bena, Kay, Anne O (VD, RH)

Mike M & Maria, Tall Todd, Gabriela (RH)

This year's best faces: Anahy, Raina, Myrna (BK, RH, VD)

Deborah, Vivi, Carol K, George Z (RH)

Candy, Marcia B, Carol K, Vivi & George Z, Jan J (RH)

Lori, Gary, Vasudha & Tony, Garrett (VD, RH)

Madeleine, George M, Margo, Florence (VD)

Nathan, Carol K, George Z, Megan (RH, VD)

Judy W, Tony, Ralph, Norman, Carol G (RH)

Off to the Barn

Time to dance: everyone's heading for the barn! (VD)

Past the old boots in their new bed of mint (VD)

Life and the weather were with us!!! (JV)

Margo and I teach a quick Two-Step lesson

Everybody ready? (RH)

How to hold your partner (RH)

Lookin' good (RH)

Dancing!!! (RH)

THE BAND: Yvette Landry and The Barnyard Band


Yvette Landry, Paula Bradley, Billy Lang, Evan Stover, Rob Rainwater and Kevin Maul (SWL, VD, VD, SWL, SWL, SWL)

I sat in and sang one with Yvette -- so much fun! (SWL)

And here's Yvette singing one of her sad, sad, pitiful, pitiful songs (RH)

Let's dance!

Welcome all -- Let's dance! (RH)











Some sat out and watched (RH)

Jan J & Libby, Kathy and George Z, Sue & Red (SWL, RH, VD)

Jim D and Nancy, Blair and Vivi, Lori and Dave, Patrick and Babbie, Rhesa and Tall Todd (RH, SWL, RH, SWL, SWL)

Sherrill and Tall Todd, Florence and Charles, Lori & Kevin C, Fran & George M (SWL, RH, RH)

Jay and Madeleine, Lori, Carol G & Tim, Margo and Jim D, Gary and Judy W (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL, SWL)

Babbie and Steve S, Bena, Gary and Lori, Dennis L and Carol G (SWL, SWL, SWL, RH)

Charles and Marcia L (aka Poison), Maria & Mike M, Clare & Walter (SWL, RH, RH)

Blair & Carol K, Cindy and Jay, Patrick and Joan, Pat and John D (RH, SWL, RH, SWL)

Bara and Jay, Kathleen, Ralph and Babbie, Cyd & Tom, Myrna (SWL, SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

A Three-Way with Bena and Bojan (SWL)

Patrick and Sherrill, Margo and Ed L, Lori and Dennis B, Stephanie, Poison and Tall Todd (RH, SWL, SWL, SWL, SWL)

Doug & Amy F, The Other Barry and Marcia L, Gabriela and Dennis L(SWL)

The Other Barry and Megan, Gabriela and Gene, John & Joyce V (SWL)

Dennis B & Amy J, Kathy and Dave, Anahy, Cindy and Gene, Pat and Ralph (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL, SWL)

Charles & Myrna, Dave and Joyce, Carol K and Gabriela (SWL)

Madeleine and Gary, Marcia L and Steve S, Stephanie and Dennis B (SWL)

Jan S and Liz, Kathy, Bojan and Liz, Babbie and Ed L (SWL, VD, SWL, SWL)

Bojan and Anahy, Clare and Patrick, Martha & Mark H, Bara and Mike L (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Babbie and Jean-Luc, Will and Carol G, Myrna & Charles, Bojan and Bena (SWL)

Tall Todd and Joyce, Joyce and Bobby Mac, Madeleine and Dave, Mark F and Marcia L, Carol K & Blair (RH, SWL, RH, SWL, SWL)

Liz and Bojan, Jean-Luc and Marcia L, Carol K and The Other Barry, Patrick and Sherrill (SWL)

Joyce, Rhesa, Sherrill, Yvette (SWL)

Flash dancing with Karen P (SWL)

Corinne, Carol K, Cindy (SWL)

Mark F and Bara, Rhesa and Dennis L, David & Vivian, Polly G and Ray (SWL, VD, RH)

Rick & Deborah, Marcia L and Babbie, Cindy and Ralph (VD, SWL, SWL)

Amy J and Kevin C, Ed L and Stephanie, Megan and Mike L, Nancy & Rich, Margo and George Z (RH, SWL x 4)

Anahy & John D, Robert B and Carol G, Deborah and Ralph (SWL)

Rhesa and Robert B, Ed L and Stephanie, Tom & Cyd (SWL)

Anahy and Gary, Ralph and Judy W, Kathy and George Z (SWL, SWL, RH)

Madeleine and Jean-Luc, Kevin C & Lori, Rick and Fran, Liz and Bojan (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Steve S and Babbie, Deborah and Dennis L, Robert B and Rhesa (SWL)

Margo and Dennis L, Kathy and Garrett, Gary and Carol G (SWL)

Patrick & Pat, Rhesa and Mike L, Margo and Jim D, Amy J and Steve S, Sue & Red (RH, SWL x 4)

Cyd & Tom, Steve S and Joan (VD, SWL)

Break Time

Belle thinks parties are exhausting! (AA)


Marcia B, Deborah, Joy (SWL)

Anahy totally wore out her shoes! (SWL, AA)




Anne O, Bobby Mac, Megan, Paula B (SWL)

Marcia L, Steve S, Ralph, Judy W (SWL)



Judy T, Joyce & Johnny V were among those who went in to look at the birds (SWL)

Chickens, with a token Peahen (VD)

Peafowl and Guineas, with a token chicken (RH)

The Orloffs were swinging (RH)

As were the Black Nun Pigeons (AA)


Marcia L and Babbie's tent (BJ)

John & Anahy were still tired (AA)

The Running of the Chickens!

Opening the barn (SC)

Leftovers to the fowl (SC)



Bara, Marcia L, Jay; Anahy, Babbie, Bara, Marcia L; Babbie, Bobby Mac (SC, BK, BK)

Jay, John D, Zephyr, Tall Todd (BK, SC x 3)


Babbie and Marcia L prepare to leave (AA)

Then there's all the portraiture, where anyone may turn up

Ralph, Carol K, Jan S (RH, SWL, VD)

Tom, Tall Todd, Dennis L (SWL, RH, VD)

Scott, Clare, Cindy (RH)

Libby, Cyd, Robert H (RH, SWL, VD)

Stephanie, Carol K, Madeleine (RH, VD, RH)

Kevin C, Sherrill, Gabriella (SWL, VD, VD)

moi, Yvette, Lori (SWL, RH, SWL)

Megan, Garrett, Dennis L (RH, VD, VD)

Dennis B, Bara, Rik (RH)

Bobby Mac, Norman, Anahy (RH)

Raina, Tony, The Other Barry (VD)

Jan J, Steve S (RH)

Corinne has this year's fashion spot -- with thanks to Paula Bradley (SWL)

Thanks for making it another great party folks. See you all next year on September 15th! (SWL)

And thanks to all of you!! I couldn't do this without you.

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