Featherside '18 -- The 32nd Annual Fowl Ball

September 15, 2018

Your hosts (SWL)

The Photographers

Anahy Antara (AA), Babbie Jacobs (BJ), Barry Koffler (BK), Evelyn Schneider (ES), Jean-Luc Martel (JL), Lidia Viktorova (LV), Lori Bailey (LJB), Mike Lu (ML), Myrna Figueiredo (MF), Paul Luke (PL), Robert Hirschberg (RH), Stefan Lisowski (SWL)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

Note: A lot of the "portraiture" is at the very bottom of the page -- you might be there!


Anahy and Stephanie were among the first to get here (AA)

Here's Doug M, Madeleine, Michelle and Carolyn C (SWL)

Tim & Patti, Johnny V and Anne, Laurie M & Tom D (SWL)

Ray R & Sandy, Ursula & Art (SWL)

The Enders enter: Rhesa, Sophia, Marissa (SWL)

Alex F, Megan F & Alana, Nancy O & Leo, Alex P (SWL)

And here's Yvette!! (SWL)

"Franklin" arrives with Ray S & Renee (SWL)


Babbie, Carolyn L, Judy R (SWL)

Rafael & Ilsa (SWL)

The Feeding Frenzy begins






and continues after dark! (RH)

Lisa A kept the kitchen happening smoothly (RH, SWL)

Cindy S, Jan, Pat H, Carol G (RH)

Liquid Refreshments Also Went over Well


Gabriela, Myrna (SWL)

Judy R, Danny, Michelle (RH, SWL, MF)

Ursula & Art (SWL)

Eating and Socializing










And then it got dark out (ML)



Of course, there were things to laugh about: Carolyn C, Maria, Kevin, Carol K (SWL)

Alana was just watching things, while Nancy O was curating her grandson's feather collection (SWL, RH, RH)

Susan M, Lisa W & Peter, Jane & Skip (SWL, ML, SWL)

Carolyn C, Vivi, Diane N, Doug R (SWL, RH)

Sherrill, Evie, Diane D; Lidia, Gabriella & Boris; Vivi, Judy T, Johnny V (SWL, SWL, RH)

George Z, Myrna, Susan M, Charles (SWL, ML)

Paul L, Anahy, Diane C and Kosta, Boris, Gabriella & Lidia (SWL, RH, RH, LV)

Stefan, Doug R, Lori B, Carol K (RH, ML, SWL)

Cindy S, Ed B, Steve S, Madeleine, Diane N, Anne (RH)

Lori B practices her twirls (RH, SWL)

Scott & Marcia B (with Carol K's back), Diane D, Amy F, Rick F & Alex P (RH, ML, MF)

Stefan, Tim & Tessa, Pat F, Blair, Clark (RH, ML)

Johnny V, Steve S, Charles, Carol K, Garrett, Gabriela (RH, ML, RH)

Ray S & Renee, Maria, Charles, George Z, Danny, Mark B, Anahy, Stephanie's head (RH)

Diane C, Maria (SWL, RH)

Blair, Scott, Carol K, Marcia B, Lisa W, Yvette, Paula (SWL, RH)

Anne, Garrett, Mike S (SWL, RH)

Amy F, Bena, Rich C, Blair (RH, SWL)

Evie, Stephanie, Yvette, Paula and/or Yvette, Paula, Stephanie, Evie (RH, JL)

Ursula & Art, Susan M (RH, SWL)

Carol G & Tim C, Steve S, Madeleine (ML, RH)

Stephanie, Linda D, Linda R & Rik (RH, SWL)

Kimberly, Nancy O, Gabriela, Gemma, Tom D & Laurie M (RH, SWL)

Cindy S, Judy W, George Z, Rich C (RH)

Valerie & Billy, Jean-Luc, Mike S, Lilikette, Lisa W (RH)

Gemma & grandfather, Yvette, Paula (SWL, ES)

Alex P, Doug W, Anne, Anahy (ML, RH)

Diane D, Buffy, Diane N, Ursula, Myrna (ML, RH)

Off to the Barn

Scott and I coming back from the barn, where he installed the fan he donated to the party (SWL)

The barn -- waiting for us! (PL)

Heading over to the barn with Diane C to show her the birds (SWL)

If you stopped in the house, you may have seen the interesting new hat Anahy brought me, or possibly observed some of the fish, like the clown loaches or the Synodontis ocellifer (an African catfish that I've had for 15 years) (AA)

On the way to the barn you'll have noticed the ducks and if you looked around the side, you'll have seen the sheep (RH)

Cindy D and Steve S are checking out the birds (SWL, RH)

Dance preparation! (SWL)

The festivities are about to start (SWL)

Margo and I teach a quick Two-Step lesson


Slow, slow, quick, quick (RH)

Now partner up (RH)

Try doing it like this . . . (RH)

OK, you've got it! (RH)

THE BAND: Yvette Landry and The Barnyard Band


Yvette Landry, Paula Bradley, Billy Lang, Evan Stover, Rob Rainwater and Kevin Maul (RH, SWL x 5)


First, I sang Sad Song for Yvette, who loves those "sad, sad, pitiful, pitiful" songs, and then we sang Misery Loves Company together (SWL)

Thanks to Robert Bard for an excellent job on sound (SWL)

Let's dance!

Welcome to the 32nd Fowl Ball . . . Let's dance!! (RH)






Mike S and Marcia L, Tim C & Carol G, Phyllis, Charles and Lori W, Clark & Sherrill (SWL, SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Doug M and Zahava, Paul H and Deborah, Mike L and Megan J, Rafael and Babbie, Alex P and Doug M (SWL)

Buffy & David (RH)

Alex F and Michelle, Diane C and Dennis L, Doug R and Alicia, Steve S and Madeleine, Zahava and Pat F (SWL, RH, SWL, SWL, SWL)

Judy W and Doug M, Rich C and Madeleine, Kathy, Megan J and John D (SWL)

Mike S and Judy W, Ginny and Peter, Pat F & Carolyn C, Pat H and Steve S, Lori B & Kevin (SWL, SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Will & Wendy, Kathy and Tall Todd, Larry and Lori W, Rhesa and Doug R, Gabriela and John D, Heidi and Peter (RH, SWL, SWL, SWL, RH)

Diane C and Dennis L (SWL)

Amy J, Marissa, Anne, Kitty (SWL)

Charles and Mel, Gabriela and Garrett, Rhesa and Tall Todd, John D and Lori B, Steve S and Marcia L (SWL, SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Sadly, there's sometimes a shortage of leaders: Myrna and Buffy, Lidia and Adrienne, Gabriela, Susan M and Linda D (SWL, SWL, SWL, RH)

Kevin & Lori B (SWL)

John D and Lilikette, Peter and Mel, George Z and Zahava, Roger and Carol K, Diane C and Pat F (SWL x 4, RH)

Jean-Luc and Alicia, Diane C, Tom D & Laurie M, Rhesa, Sophia (SWL)

Doug R and Kathy, Madeleine and Jean-Luc, Marissa and Sophia, Rich C and Cindy D, Amy J and Gene (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL, RH)

Lori B (SWL)

John D and Michelle, Marcia B & Scott, Judy T and George Z, Kevin and Babbie, Kevin & Lori B (SWL, RH, SWL, SWL, SWL)

Marcia L (SWL)

Alex F, Alana & Megan F, Eric and Madeleine, Blair & Carol K, John D and Anne (SWL)

Dennis L and Maria L, Amy J, Paul H and Diane C, Marcia B & Scott, Ed B and Cindy D (SWL x 4, RH)

Carol K & Blair (SWL)

Carolyn C & Pat F, Carol G & Tim C, Mark F & Phyllis, Marcia L (SWL)

Vivi, Doug R and Megan F, Lilikette & Bob, Amy J and John D, Sherrill and Jean-Luc (SWL)

Sophia (SWL)

Stephanie, Charles & Myrna, Ed B & Bena, Rafael & Ilsa, Mike M & Maria R (SWL)

Alex F & Megan F, Larry and Kathy, Will & Wendy, Lilikette, Susan M (SWL)

Mark F & Phyllis, Madeleine and Doug R, Alicia, Cindy S and Roger, Bena and Blair (SWL)

Mike L and Madeleine, Madeleine and Doug R, Diane C, Maria L and Heidi, Vivi and Steve S (SWL, SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Anahy & John D, Carol K and Ed B, Madeleine and Doug R, Kitty and Dennis L, Anne and Doug M (SWL, MF, RH, SWL, SWL)

Lori B (SWL)

Cindy D and Ed B, Megan J and Steve S, Dennis L and Bena, Ilsa and Mike S, Babbie and Kevin (SWL)

Break Time

Valerie, Cindy D, Doug W, Dennis L (RH)

Heidi, Kathy, Maria L, Mike S, Tim (RH)

Amy J, Ray S, Renee, Megan J, Margo, Skip & Jane (SWL)

Carol G, Heidi, Kathy, Maria L, Ray R & Sandy (AA, SWL, RH, RH)

Sherrill needed to relax her back (SWL)

Some folks needed to get out in the fresh air (SWL, BK)

Some even went back by the house (SWL)

Raina, among others, made for the desserts (RH)

Some folks just stood around chatting: Zahava, Rhesa, Lori B & Liana (SWL)

Even on the break Zahava and Roger had to keep dancing (SWL)

Those of us who stayed over the night had an extended party - Linda D (AA)


The Sunday morning fog: Heidi, Linda D, Stephanie (AA)

Belle, Marcia L, Stephanie, who collapsed (AA)

Heidi found us some puffballs for breakfast, with Linda D and Lilikette looking on (BK)

Bojan & Kimberly taking a turn in the kitchen (AA)

A selfie in my new hat -- gifted by Anahy (BK)

The Running of the Chickens!

The fowl going after the leftovers (BJ)

Looking on are John D, Gene, Babbie, Linda D, Stephanie, Heidi and me (AA)

"Martin," a Spangled Russian Orloff, taking his post-prandial sunbath (AA)

Stephanie steps out of her comfort zone and collects the eggs (AA)

Then we all retired to the shade: Heidi, Belle, Linda D, Jean-Luc (AA)

Then there's all the portraiture, where anyone may turn up

Ursula, George M, Nancy O (SWL)

Judy T, Maria L, John D (MF, SWL, AA)

Cindy S, Mike S, Gene (SWL)

Susan M, Carol K, Gabriela (SWL)

Rich C, Bob H, Diane N (SWL, SWL, MF)

Ray R, Wendy, Yvette (SWL, SWL, RH)

Lori B, Lori W, George Z (SWL, SWL, RH)

Gemma, Myrna, Rick F (SWL)

Kevin, Lisa W, Anahy (SWL)

Carolyn L, Kimberly, Jean-Luc (SWL)

Doug W, Art, Mark B (SWL)

Margo, Linda D, Carol K (SWL, SWL, RH)

Megan F, Lori B, Yvette (SWL)

Heidi, Paula, Liana (SWL)

Ray S, Vivi, Pat F (SWL)

Tim H, Kosta, Gabriella (SWL)

Sophia, Dennis L, Diane D (RH, SWL, ML)

Nancy O, Lilikette, Yvette (SWL)

Lori B, Paul L, Mike L (RH, SWL, SWL)

Mike M, Carolyn C, Fran (SWL)

Marissa, Renee (SWL)

Bob, Myrna, Rik R (SWL, SWL, MF)

Maria R, Clark, Megan J (SWL)

Charles, Tessa, Diane C (SWL, SWL, RH)

Stephanie, Deborah, Mel (SWL)

Kitty, Garrett, Danny (SWL, RH, SWL)

Marcia B, Zahava, Vasudha (RH, SWL, SWL)

Linda R, Carol K, Amy F (SWL, SWL, MF)

Anahy, Rhesa, Ilsa (SWL)

Pat H, Laurie M, Carol G (SWL)

Tony, Scott, Sherrill (SWL, RH, MF)

Blair (RH)

Stefan gets the fashion award this year! (MF)

Thanks for making it another great party folks. See you all next year on September 21st! (SWL)

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