Featherside '19 -- The 33rd Annual Fowl Ball

September 21, 2019

Your host (SWL)


This year's party is dedicated to the memory and spirit of Belle, Magic and Tom Nozkowski

The Photographers

Anahy Antara (AA), Barry Koffler (BK), Jean-Luc Martel (JL), Lori Bailey (LB), Nancy Ostrovsky (NO), Paul Hunnebeck (PH), Paul Luke (PL), Robert Hirschberg (RH), Stefan Lisowski (SWL)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

Note: A lot of the "portraiture" is at the very bottom of the page -- you might be there!


Shannon & Hank (SWL)

Here's Millie, Kimberly & Bojan; Doug & Marcia L; David N & Sarah K (SWL, SWL, RH)

Dorcinda & Leander arrive with Dany, followed by Lidia & Gabriella and their Australian friends (SWL)

Babbie biked from Poughkeepsie! (RH)

Here's Marguerite, Sherrill and Reenie (RH)

And Paula's here, so we definitely have a band! (SWL)

Old friends catching up: Here's George Z and Johnny W, Judy(?) and Kathy, Johnny W and Dale ()

The Feeding Frenzy begins







Well, the fuss is over great food! (JL)

Lisa (left) made the food all get out smoothly, with the volunteer kitchen help of Anne O (RH)

Liquid Refreshments Also Went over Well

Setting up the keg with Garrett (JL)

Open that wine! (RH)

Gene, Judy T and Sarah K sample the wine (RH, SWL, SWL)

And Gabriela wants you to be sure to recycle! (RH)

Eating and Socializing

Panoramic! (PH)







Charles, Blair, Scott & Marcia B, Carol K, Diane N, Paul H (LB)

Danny, ?, Rik, Judy T, Bena, David N, Kay, Anne S, Sherrill, Sarah K, Elizabeth, ?, Anahy, Gary (RH)

Looks like Lori B is teaching a seminar to Pat F, Judy T, Claudia and Rik (PL)

Ben, Sophia & Atticus, Jean-Luc, Marguerite (JL, RH)

Bruce E, John D & Anahy, Rene, George Z (RH, RH, RH, SWL)

Clark & Sherrill, Gene, Nancy F, Garrett, Dale (SWL, LB)

Reenie, Gabriela, Sherrill, Bena (RH)

Sven, Gabriela and Rich C (who is clearly hungry) (RH)

Rainy & partner, Jan, Marguerite, Juhn D & Anahy (SWL, LB, SWL)

Vivi, Bena, Carol K, Diane N, Paul H (LB, RH)

Ed B, Kathy, George Z, Leander, Dany, Nancy O (RH)

Ed L, Vivi, Gene (RH, SWL, RH)

Scott & Marcia B, Pat F, Tom D, Johnny V, Paul L, ?, Danny, Claudia (RH)

Tom D, Jim D, Tim (RH, SWL, RH)

Lianna & Lori B, Garrett, Kathy (LB, RH)

David E & Linda, Jean-Luc, Ralph (RH)

Stefan & Katie, Grampa returns a lost toy (a chicken, of course) (LB, SWL, RH)

Dale, Johnny W, Marguerite, Bruce E (SWL, RH)

Gene, Cindy, George Z, Carol G (RH, SWL)

Bena, Jay, Rhesa (RH, SWL,SWL)

Bruce E, Marguerite, David E & Linda, Myrna & Charles (RH)

Vivi, Joy, Will, Bruce E (RH)

Elizabeth & Gary, Linda & David E, Nancy F, Garrett, ?, me, Jean-Luc (JL, RH)

Myrna, Sherrill, Carol G & Tim, Charles (RH, LB)

Carol K, Cindy, Ed B, Mel (SWL, RH, AA)

Bena, Ed L, Reenie, Blair, Clark (RH)

Babbie, Carol K, Lori B & Kevin C (RH, SWL)

Will, Doug & Marcia L, Nancy H, Steve S (RH)

Margo, Marcia B, Stephanie (SWL, RH, SWL)

Rhesa, Tall Todd, Stephanie, Margo, Leander, Dany (AA, RH, SWL)

And it became dark . . . (LB)

Off to the Barn

There was some neat footware (SWL)

On the way, you may have stopped to watch the ducks, like Paul L & Claudia (SWL)

Or you may have gone straight to the barn (SWL)

checking out some of the decor (LB)

Or perhaps you looked at the chickens and other fowl (LB)

There are some real turkeys at the Fowl Ball (RH)

Margo and I teach a quick Two-Step lesson

This is how you do it (RH)

Just follow my taillights (PL)

Slow, slow, quick, quick (RH)

Travel counter-clockwise around the outside of the floor (RH)

Y'all got it!! (RH)

THE BAND: Miss Paula & The Twangbusters

(RH, PL)

Paula Bradley, Kevin Maul, Darren Wallace, Peter Bearup, Lance MacIntosh, Bob Resnick (PL, PL, SWL, RH, AA, SWL)

Let's dance!

Welcome to the 33rd Fowl Ball . . . Let's dance!! (RH)









Clark and Megan, Lori B and George Z, Lori W, Shannon & Hank (RH, AA, AA, RH)

Marcia L & Doug (AA)

Gene and Joycee, Mark B and Joan, Mark F and Marguerite, Joy and Jan (AA, RH, RH)

Roger and Kathy, Jean-Luc and Joyce, Judy T and George Z (RH)

Dale and Charles, Nancy H *& Rich P, Anne S, Lori B(RH, RH, PL, RH)

Nancy F and Mark B, Stephanie and Johnny W (RH, AA)

Lori W (RH)

Kevin C & Lori B, Joyce & Johnny V, Carol K & Blair, Tall Todd and Claudia (RH x 3, PL)

Linda & David E, Marcia B & Scott (RH)

Nancy H and Ed L, Megan and Dennis B, Rich P and Gail, Marcia B & Scott (RH)

Carolyn C & Pat F, Reenie and Rich C, Marguerite and Mark F (RH)

Anahy and Dave A, Linda D and Dennis B, Linda & David E, George Z and Judy T (RH)

Rhesa and Jay, Jean-Luc and Mel (AA)

Break Time



Nancy O, Doug & Marcia L, Reenie, Jan (RH)





The Running of the Chickens!


Party leftovers! (AA)


The Black Nun Pigeons just watched (AA)

But there were some interactions (BK)

Once that was done . . .

Anahy & John D (AA)

Although Sunday proved to be a stretch for some

Tall Todd, Jan (BK)

Then there's all the portraiture, where anyone may turn up

Ben, Joy, Dave E, Clark (SWL, RH, SWL, RH)

Tom D, Carolyn C, David N, Johnny W (SWL)

Hank, Judy T, Doug (SWL)

Judy W, Cindy, Ralph, Carol K (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Sherrill, Marguerite, Linda, Paula (SWL x 3, RH)

Steve S, Kay, Judy W, Rondine (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Rich P, Pat F, Jim D, Sarah (SWL)

Marcia L, Jean-Luc, Jay, Joyce (SWL, RH, RH, SWL)

Mike Lu, Jan, Vivi, Paula (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Rhesa, Milica (Millie), John D, Daryl (SWL)

Nancy O, Gene, Diane D, Ed B (RH, RH, SWL, SWL)

Mark F, Claudia, Gabriela (SWL)

Kimberly, Myrna (SWL, RH, SWL)

Brianna, Lisa, Pat F (SWL, RH, RH)

Reenie, Mel, Rainy, Leander & Dorcinda (SWL)

Candy, Joy, Paul Luke (SWL x 3, RH)

Katie & Stefan, Kevin C, Danny, Pat H (LB, SWL x 3)

Dany, Charles, Nancy F, George Z (SWL, RH, SWL, SWL)

Ben, Bojan, Lianna, Vasudha (SWL, SWL, LB, SWL)

Blair, Shannon, Johnny V, Ed L (SWL x 3, RH)

Charles, Margo, Anahy, Will (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Lori B & Lianna (SWL, RH)

Gabriela is competing with Stefan for most interesting fashion (SWL, LB)

Thanks for making it another great party folks. See you all next year on September 19th! (NO)

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