Featherside '23 -- The 37th Annual Fowl Ball

September 16, 2023

Your host (SWL)


This year's party is dedicated to the memory of Johnny V, Zephyr & Ryll

The Photographers

Anahy Antara (AA), Barry Koffler (BK), Lori Bailey (LB), Luke Massie (LM), Mike Lu (ML), Myrna Figueiredo (MF), Robert Hirschberg (RH), Stefan Lisowski (SWL), Tom Dugan (TD)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

Note: A lot of the "portraiture" is at the very bottom of the page -- you might be there!


Hirschberg got here first, but others soon followed. (SWL)

Myrna, Joan, Debby & Barry M (SWL)

Rafael & Ilsa, Scott & Marcia B (SWL)

Lori, Cindy D, Amy F, Tall Todd, Anne S, Rick F (SWL)

Ann G, Connie (SWL)

Bena & Ed B, Babbie, Carolyn (SWL)

Fran, Red & Sue (SWL)

Linda D, Kevin K (SWL)

Anahy (SWL)

Marissa & Seamus, Dominique (SWL)

And they continue to arrive. (SWL)

The Feeding Frenzy begins





Cindy D, Mike Lu & Ann G, Scott & Marcia B, Mark F (RH)

Rick F, Sherrill, Tom Du, Rafael (RH)

Liquid Refreshments Also Went over Well

Connie, Charles, granddaughter 2, Pat F, Joy (SWL, RH x 4)

Jim R, Garrett, Kevin K, Judy T (RH, RH, SWL, RH)

Amy F, Josie, Connie, Charles (RH, SWL, MF, RH)

Ed L, moi, Cindy D, Cindy S. (RH, RH, SWL, RH)

Ed B & Bena, Connie, Lori (RH, RH, SWL)

Tom Du, Diane, Howard, Alan (SWL, RH, MF, SWL)

Ilsa, Jan, moi, Scott (RH)

Lori, Vasudha, Myrna (RH, SWL)

Eating and Socializing

(MF, RH)










Alex & Rick, granddaughter (gd) 1 & Stefan & gd 2 (RH)

Ann G, Carole & Mary, Babbie, Anahy, Barry M, Fran & George (ML, AA, RH)

Joy, Rayhaneh, Carolyn, Bena, Cindy D, Anne S ((RH)

Corinne & gds 1 & 2, Dale, Johnny W, Rick F (SWL, LB)

Diane, Charles, Dominique, Mike Lu (RH, SWL)

Fran, Garrrett, Tall Todd (SWL)

George & Fran, Stefan, Dorcinda (RH, LM)

Shade, gds 1 & 2, gd 2

Cindy S, Myrna, Ilsa, Ann G (MF, SWL)

Jan, Heidi, Tom De, Alex, Jim, Patrick, Kathy N (RH, MF)

Susan R, John K, Joycee, Joy, Rayhaneh (RH, SWL, SWL)

Joycee, Cindy D, Steve Bei, Carolyn, Kathy N, Stefan & gd 2 (RH, MF, SWL, RH)

Stefan & gd 2, Deb M, Rik R (RH, MF)

Stefan, Babbie, Ilsa, Joycee & Michael, Kathy N (RH, SWL, SWL)

Tom De, Alex & Rick F, Cindy S, Judy T, Garrett, Heidi, Marcia B, Stefan, Garrett (SWL, RH)

Lainy, Myrna, Joan, Mark F, Mike Lu (MF, SWL, RH)

Vasudha, Marissa & Seamus, Sophia (SWL)

Myrna, Lori, Charles, Daryl & Rondine, Joy, Pat F (SWL)

Myrna, Alan, Stefan, Garrett, Ed L (MF, LB, RH)

Pat F, Mark Br, Marcia L, Sherrill, Susan R (RH, MF, SWL)

Rafael & Ilsa, Shade, Rafael, Rayhaneh, Garrett, Mark Br (SWL, RH, SWL)

Rick F & Alex, Tom Du, Josie, Susan R, Robert H (MF, SWL)

Rik R, Barry M, Marcia B, Bena & Ed B (RH)

Mark F, Rhesa, Tom Du (AA, SWL)

Corinne & gd 2 & Stefan, Luke & Dorcinda, Cindy S, Garrett, Marcia B, Corinne & gds, Stefan & gd 2 (RH, SWL, SWL, RH)

Tom Du, Valerie & Billy (SWL)

Vasudha, Susan R, Myrna, Red & Sue (RH, SWL)

And it became dark . . . (SWL)

Off to the Barn

Ready to party!, passing the fridge, on my way! (AA)

footwear!, Ann G & Mike Lu check out the pond (SWL, SWL, LB)

"Whyaduck," Billy's ready to work, Valerie & Billy heading to the barn, Millie's on her way, too.

The dance floor awaits . . .

Margo and I teach a quick Two-Step lesson

Margo (RH)

Line up everyone (RH)

How to partner up (SWL, RH, SWL)

Slow, slow, quick, quick (SWL, RH)

Y'all got it!! (SWL)

THE BAND: Bernstein Bard Goes West


Mark Bernstein, Steve Bernstein, Robert Bard, Sara Milonovich, Billy Lang (SWL)

Soundman Robert (SWL)

Let's dance!

Welcome to the 37th Fowl Ball . . . Let's dance!! (SWL)

Rhesa (SWL)





Anahy and Dominique, Alanna and Jan, Sharon and Mark F, Amy and Jim, Sharon and John D, Anahy and Mark F (SWL)

Andrea and Mark F, Riley and Andrea, Babbie and Michael D (SWL)

Beth and Adrienne, Susan R, Doug & Marcia L, Ed B & Bena, Ed L and Nancy (SWL)

Andrea and John D, John D and Connie, Kathy N, Lori & Kevin C, Myrna and Steve Bei, Sue & Red (SWL)

Margo and Tall Todd, Garrett and Megan F, Dominique and Andrea, Joy (SWL)

Anahy, Bojan and Lori (SWL)

Andrea (SWL)

Cyd and Mark Br, Clark and Kathy N, Virginia and Mark F, Babbie (SWL)

Kathy N, Tom De and Joan, Bojan and Anahy, Charles and Karen (SWL)

Joy, Nancy & Rich P, Karen (SWL)

Mike Lu & Ann G, Charles and Kathy N, Sophia, Bojan and Rhesa, Doug and Babbie (SWL)

Tom Du and Cindy S, Anahy, Carolyn & Pat F (SWL)

Lori, Marcia L, Lainy, Margo (SWL)

Doug and Babbie, Ed B and Rhesa, Mark F and Andrea, Charles and Marissa (SWL)

Clark, Sharon and Mark F, Doug & Marcia L, Megan F, Sophia (SWL)

Rhesa, Anahy and Mark F, Carole & Mary, Charles and Josie (SWL)

Lori (SWL, RH, SWL, SWL)

Sharon and Bojan, Rhesa, Mark F and Babbie, Carolyn and Dominique (SWL)

Rhesa and Linda D, Mark F and Anahy, Marcia L and Mark F, Dorcinda & Luke (SWL)

Kathy N, Andrea and John D, Babbie, Andrea, Rhesa, Cyd and Charles (SWL)

Cyd and Kevin K, Ed B & Bena (SWL)

Megan F (SWL)

Mark Br and Joy, Mark F and Megan J, Sophia and Tom De (SWL)

Sherrill, Sherrill & Clark, Charles and Josie (SWL)

Charles and Kathy N, Charles and Rayhaneh, Connie and John D, Cindy S and Jim, Michael D and Myrna (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL, SWL)

Dominique and Andrea, Cindy S and Pat F, Cyd and Steve Bei, Tom De and Connie, Ed L and Lainy (SWL)

Heath & Adrienne, Ilsa & Rafael, Anahy and Kevin C, Vasudha and Garrett (SWL)

Jim and Kathy N, Tom Du and Joan, Doug & Marcia L (SWL)

John D & Anahy, Seamus & Marissa, Wendy and Ed L, Kevin K and Cyd (SWL)

Garrett and Molly, Heath & Adrienne, Kathy N and Tall Todd, Luke & Dorcinda, Marcia L and Bojan (SWL)

Karen, Lori, Marcia L (SWL)

Kevin C and Cyd, Kevin K and Karen, Michelle & Victor, Luke and Nancy, Lori and Clark (SWL, SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Mark F and Anahy, Susan R, Tall Todd and Cindy S, Mark F and Rhesa (SWL)

Tall Tod and Andrea

Break Time

Happy Birthday Joycee!! Michael D & Joycee (BK, TD)

Heath & Adrienne, ?, Doug, Millie, Marcia L, Joycee & Michael (MF)


The Wall, Doug & Marcia L, Babbie (SWL)




Kathy N, Tom Du, Josie, Steve Bei (SWL)

Checkin' out the barn (SWL)

The Fowl (MF)

Heath, Tony & Vasudha, many others (SWL)

Then they leave: here goes Hirschberg (SWL)

After Party: Kevin C, Shade and Kevin C, Stefan (AA)


The Running of the Chickens!

John D & Anahy, Anahy makes a new friend (BK)

Tired Sunday!!



Anahy, Bojan, Steve Bei, Josie (AA)

Josie, Millie, John D, Steve Bei (AA)

Then there's all the portraiture, where anyone may turn up

Alex, Josie, Amy F, Rick F (RH, SWL, SWL, SWL)

Garrett, George, Anahy (SWL)

Kathy, Vasudha, John D (SWL)

Rafael, Jim, Rayhaneh, Bena (RH, SWL, SWL, RH)

Ann G, Robert H, Billy, Ed B (SWL)

Connie, Carolyn, Mary, Jan (RH, RH, SWL, RH)

Charles, Tall Todd, CindyD (SWL)

Corinne, Alanna, Patrick, Seamus (RH, SWL, RH, SWL)

Clark, Kathy, Lainy (RH, RH, SWL)

Babbie, Tom Du, Johnny W, Tom De (RH, RH, SWL, RH)

Lori, Dale, Myrna, Ed B (SWL, LB, RH, RH)

Michael D, Garrett, Anne S, Cindy D (SWL, SWL, RH, RH)

Ilsa, Cindy S, Bojan, Mark F (RH x 3, SWL)

Joy, Anahy, Heidi, Jim (SWL, RH, SWL, RH)

Jan, Clark, Connie, Myrna (SWL, RH x 3)

Kathy, Rayhaneh, Johnny, Marcia L (SWL, SWL, RH, SWL)

Joycee, Sherrill, Marcia B, Millie (SWL)

Linda D, Amy F, Vasudha (SWL, MF x 2)

Nancy, Rik R, Tony (SWL)

Mark Ber, Mike Lu, Pat F (SWL, RH, SWL)

Rhesa, Susan R, Steve Ber (SWL, RH, SWL)

Sharon, Tall Todd, Marcia B (SWL, MF, RH)

Alex, Amy, Babbie (SWL, RH, SWL)

Bena, Billy, Bojan (SWL)

Carolyn, Charles, Cindy S (SWL)

Tom De, Alex, Ed B, Garrett (SWL, SWL, RH)

Heidi, Ilsa, John D, Joy (RH, SWL x 3)

Marcia B, Mike Lu, Rafael, Rik R (SWL)

Shade (and Rafael), Sherrill, Tony (RH, SWL x 2)

Thanks for making it another great party folks. See you all next year on September 21st! (AA)

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