Featherside '86

Snippets from The First Fowl Ball

September 13, 1986

Disclaimer: I'm putting these pics up in 2015. I'm embarrassed to not remember some people's names and there are others I don't recognize at all.

Your host!

The feeding frenzy was calmer back then

Carolyn, Ron & Ruby

Bernice & Bud

Peggy G

Laila and Sean

Aunt Edythe, That Blonde from Connecticut (Carol R), and Aunt Fran

Laila, Sean & Diana -- no folks, I don't think that was an iPhone!

Flossie, ?, Dennis, Sheila

Really Laila? That big?

Diana sat in for a few with the Dixie Doughboys

Dennis and Floyd were having, maybe, too much fun?

Cheryle & Eric

Floyd and Malloy

Sonny (Ron) & Kath

Rope trick: Sean & Diana

Laila Al-Askari, Judy Cohen, myself and Alice Gary Cohen

Malloy and Judy


Susan, Laila, Gil, Malloy, Diana, Judy

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