Wow! The Poultry Page at FeatherSite has won some awards for being an interesting and/or well-designed page. I'm very proud that this is the case, and here they are, in order of acquisition!

My very first award!

Aesthetically, my favorite award

I learned a lot from this one. Thanks Shelly

An award I really appreciate, as that Lady's got spirit

It's really great to be considered a positive, contributing asset to the world community *smile*

This page really needed an award that was for the birds!

And we're "kid-safe," too!!!

FeatherSite is noted as a good place to travel to

The HenHouse supports FeatherSite as a great site, and they even borrowed "Lefty" to act as their mascot

And then we got the Really Cool Animal Webpage Award from the Birmingham Zoo

From the Rural Living homesteaders page

As an information site

We're Links2Go's #1 Poultry site!

The Farmer's Choice from Cottonwood Farm

And the poultry folks like it, too


Thanks chicken people!

Thanks, Chicken Breeds List!

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