Here are various eggs, compared to a regular large chicken egg.

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Large chicken egg on left, Modern Game bantam on right

From left to right: large chicken egg, Muscovy egg, 2 Rouen eggs
Note that duck eggs have a waxy coating

Large chicken egg on left, China goose egg on right

Large chicken egg and Black Swan egg (which should show a greenish tint)

Large chicken egg with 2 guinea eggss

Large chicken egg on left, with 2 turkey eggs

Large chicken egg on left, with peafowl egg

From left to right: guinea egg, 2 turkey eggs, peafowl egg

Over the years I've gotten some strange eggs, but I think this one, from an Easter Egger hen, is the oddest ever!

And just for the heck of it -- Ratite eggs -- left to right: Rhea, Cassowary, Emu
Photo courtesy of Ed Hess

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