Guinea Fowl X Chicken

Guinea Fowl X Peafowl

Guinea Fowl X Turkey

California Quail X Bobwhite

Bobwhite X

Ringneck Pheasant X Chicken

Golden Pheasant X Lady Amherst Pheasant

Grey Junglefowl X Chicken

Ruddy Shelduck X Egyptian Goose

Ruddy Shelduck X Mallard

Northern Shoveler X domestic Pekin

Muscovy Duck X Mallard (Runner Duck)

Canada Goose X Bean Goose

Canada Goose X domestic goose

Emperor Goose X Greater White-fronted Goose

Snow Goose X domestic White China Goose


Photo courtesy of Roby Alex George

Photos courtesy of Roby Alex George

These birds are from Kerala, India. They came from a remote village farm where they have free range Guinea Fowl, Turkeys, and Aseel, with wild Peafowl visiting daily. These two, along with three others that died in the first week, hatched out on the same day along with Turkey poults under an Aseel hen. In the photos they are over a year old and weighs approx 2kgs.
Ed. note: My guess is Turkey X Guinea.

Photo courtesy of Roby Alex George

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