Non-domestic species at Featherside
--and elsewhere!

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Photo courtesy of Noah Impekoven

  • African Black Ducks

  • Blue-billed Ducks

  • Buffleheads

  • Canvasbacks

  • Carolina Ducks

  • Comb Ducks, New World

  • Comb Ducks, Old World

  • Eiders, Common

  • Eiders, Spectacled

  • Falcated Ducks

  • Florida Ducks

  • Freckled Ducks

  • Gadwalls

  • Goldeneyes, Barrow's

  • Goldeneyes, Common

  • Harlequins

  • Hartlaub's Ducks

  • Hawaiian Ducks

  • Knob-billed Ducks

  • Long-tailed Ducks

  • Maccoa Ducks

  • Mallard Ducks

  • Mandarin Ducks

  • Maned Ducks

  • Mergansers, Common

  • Mergansers, Hooded

  • Muscovies

  • Oldsquaw

  • Pintails, Bahama

  • Pintails, Northern

  • Pintails, Yellow-billed

  • Pochards, Baer's

  • Pochards, European

  • Pochards, Red-crested

  • Pygmy Goose, African

  • Pygmy Goose, Green

  • Pygmy Goose, Indian

  • Redhead

  • Ring-necked Ducks

  • Rosybill

  • Ruddy Ducks, North American

  • Scoters, Surf

  • Shelducks, Australian

  • Shelducks, Cape

  • Shelducks, Common

  • Shelducks, Paradise

  • Shelducks, Radjah

  • Shelducks, Ruddy

  • Shovelers, Australasian

  • Shovelers, New Zealand

  • Shovelers, North American

  • Shovelers, Red

  • Smew

  • Spot-billed Ducks, Indian

  • Steamer Ducks

  • Teal, Baikal

  • Teal, Blue-winged

  • Teal, Brazilian

  • Teal, Cape

  • Teal, Chestnut

  • Teal, Chestnut-breasted

  • Teal, Cinnamon

  • Teal, Green-winged

  • Teal, Hottentot

  • Teal, Laysan

  • Teal, Madagascar

  • Teal, Marbled

  • Teal, Ringed

  • Teal, Sharp-winged

  • Teal, Silver

  • Tree Ducks, Black-bellied

  • Tree Ducks, Cuban

  • Tree Ducks, Eyton

  • Tree Ducks, Fulvous

  • Tree Ducks, Spotted

  • Tree Ducks, Wandering

  • Tree Ducks, White-faced

  • Whistling Ducks see Tree Ducks

  • White-headed Ducks

  • Wigeons, American

  • Wigeons, Chiloe

  • Wigeons, European

  • Wood Ducks

  • Wood Ducks, Australian

  • Yellow-billed Ducks

    Often mistaken for ducks

  • American Coots

  • Eurasian Coots

  • Common Gallinules (Common Moorhens)

  • Dusky Moorhens

  • Purple Swamphens


  • Abyssinian Blue-winged Geese

  • Bar-headed Geese

  • Barnacle Geese

    My Barnacle, "Bill"

  • Bean Geese

  • Brant Geese

  • Canada Geese

  • Cape Barren (Cereopsis) Geese

  • Egyptian Geese

  • Emperor Geese

    Emperor Gander

  • Greylag Geese

  • Lesser White-fronted Geese

  • Magellan Geese

  • Magpie Geese

  • Maned Geese

  • Nene (or Hawaiian Geese)

  • Orinoco Geese

  • Pink-footed Geese

  • Pygmy Goose, African

  • Pygmy Goose, Green

  • Pygmy Goose, Indian

  • Red-breasted Geese

  • Ruddy-headed Geese

  • Snow Geese

  • Spur-winged Geese

  • Swan Geese

  • Upland Geese

  • White-fronted Geese


    Gallinaceous Fowl


  • Crested Guinea Fowl

  • Helmeted Guinea Fowl (the domestic guinea)

  • Vulturine Guinea Fowl

    Jungle Fowl

  • Ceylon Junglefowl

  • Green Jungle Fowl

  • Grey (or Sonnerat's) Jungle Fowl

  • Red Jungle Fowl



  • Bar-tailed Pheasant

  • Blue Eared Pheasant


  • Common Pheasant

  • Edwards's Pheasant

  • Elliot's Pheasant

  • Fireback, Crested

  • Fireback, Crestless

  • Golden Pheasant

    A Golden male

  • Great Argus Pheasant

  • Hume's Pheasant

  • Kalij Pheasant

  • Lady Amherst's Pheasant

  • Mikado Pheasant

  • Monal (a.k.a. Impeyan)

  • Peacock Pheasant, Grey

  • Peacock Pheasant, Palawan

  • Reeves's Pheasant

  • Ringnecked Pheasant

  • Silver Pheasant

  • Swinhoe Pheasant

  • Tragopan, Blyth's

  • Tragopan, Satyr

  • Tragopan, Temminck's

  • White Eared Pheasant


  • Arabian Partridges

  • Chinese Bamboo Partridges

  • Chukars

  • Crested Partridges

  • Hungarian or Grey Partridges

  • Red-legged Partridges

  • Roul-roul Partridges


  • Blue Grouse

  • Ruffed


  • Blue Scale

  • Bobwhite

  • Button Quail

  • California Quail

  • Coturnix

  • Gambel's Quail

  • Japanese

  • Valley Quail


  • Domestic

  • Ocellated Turkey

  • Wild Turkey


  • Megapodes (Brush Turkeys, Mallee Fowl)


  • Ratites (Emu, Ostrich, Rhea, Cassowary)

    An Emu chick

    Pigeons & Doves

    Various Hybrids

    Links to Wildfowl Sites

    The Home Page of the American Pheasant & Waterfowl Society includes pictures of some exotic species.

    Here's the International Wild Waterfowl Association (IWWA).

    Here's The Heart of America Game Breeders' Association (HOAGBA).

    For published materials on these birds see my book page

    Go to my Poultry Sites page for more links to gallinaceous Game Birds

    This is Harteman Wildfowl's Checklist of all the Anseriformes of the world.This is a great resource!

    GBWF (Game Birds and WildFowl) pages has info on just about all species. A major resource.

    The Internet Bird Collection has videos, photos and sound recordings of wildfowl and all sorts of birds. Another very useful resource.

    Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy

    And here's the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust -- they deal in part with threatened species.

    The Duck Specialist Group looks at conservation and management.

    Wild Waterfowl in Aviculture - on Facebook

    There are lots of exotic waterfowl at Gooseneck Hill Waterfowl Farm

    Here's a page of commercial stock photos of various waterfowl, and some other water birds.

    Here's Ducks Unlimited's page.

    Clear Springs Aviaries and Gardens specializes in propagating rare species of birds, including various gallinaceous birds and waterfowl.

    Griffin's Exotics -- birds for sale here.

    The GooseRef Bibliography System is an online bibliographic search system devoted to the primary scientific literature on geese -- in German.

    You can find Andean, Ruddyhead and Magellan Geese at White Feather Farm

    Here's Squaw Creek's pages with many waterfowl. Birds for sale here.

    Swan Haven Waterfowl - Your source for Wild Waterfowl, Cage Birds, and More!

    Predator proofing: There's some site, I don't remember it, that sells little flashing solar powered lights that repel owls. But if you can't find or afford those, try this!

    Prospecting For Nest Sites by Cavity-Nesting Ducks of the Genus Bucephala -- from The Condor, Volume 87, Number 4, November, 1985.

    There are some wonderful waterfowl posters available from the artist Monte Dolack. I love 'em!

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