Chicken and Turkey Saddles

A saddle on a table and a saddle on a hen
Photos courtesy of Jeffrey Reppel

Saddles are used to prevent damage to the hens from the claws of heavy males.

If you're having trouble finding saddles for your turkey hens to prevent damage while breeding, here is a page with pictures of turkey saddles

Saddle Links:

How to Make a Chicken Saddle

Here are some places you can get turkey saddles from:

Mason City Tent & Awning Company
408 South Federal Avenue
Mason City, IA 50401
28384 Mellman Rd
Hempstead, TX 77445

Foxfield Fowls
Foxfield House, Narrow Lane
Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 3EN

Chicken Aprons/Saddles

Also check my Suppliers page, as I don't always get everything cross-referenced.

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