Cornish, a. k. a. Indian Game Fowl

"Bevis," a Dark Cornish male
Photo courtesy of a friend in the UK

Although it is known in some areas as the Indian Game, the Cornish was actually developed in Cornwall, England. Asil, Old English Games, and Malays are included in its heritage. It is a "hard feathered" breed, with a plumage that sits very close to the body, and it carries a small pea comb.

The Cornish is a very sturdy bird. From the front its fairly short strong legs should be set widely apart. It is a heavy bird, with a wide breast, and the males may reach 10 1/2 pounds. More so than in most breeds of chicken, body conformation is the same in both sexes.

The poultry industry is heavily dependent upon this bird. Most broilers in the supermarket are the result of a cross between a White Cornish and a White Plymouth Rock. These Cornish/Rock crosses are the mainstay of the poultry industry. Be aware, however, that you can't just cross any Cornish and Rock and get a supermarket carcass. The parental lines of these crosses have been developed extensively over the years by the commercial industry.

Breed clubs:

International Cornish Breeders Association

International Cornish Bantam Breeders Association
Don & Dar Karasek
2504 State Road 133
Blue River, WI 53518
phone: 608-537-2734

Southern Cornish Club
Betty Herring
2344 Lovelady Rd.
Tallassee, AL 36078

The Indian Game Club
John and Sylvia Cook
15 Campton Road
Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire MK45 4JB
PHONE 01462 711617

The Asian Gamefowl Society
Julia Keeling, British Representative
Ballashee, Staarvey Road, German
Isle of Man, IM5 2AJ
British Isles
phone: (+44)-1624-801825
Speciaalclub Aziatische Vechthoenrassen
Willem van Ballekom (Secretaris SAV)
Hobokenlaan 19
5628 VA Eindhoven
phone: 040-2417208

Cornish Links:

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Back to the Land has Dark Cornish.

A show quality White Laced Red Cornish rooster

"Kevin," a White Laced Red Cornish cockerel from McMurray Hatchery stock

A White Laced Red Cornish female

A Dark Cornish bantam cockerel
Photo courtesy of Claude McAllister

Dark Cornish bantam cock and hen
Photo courtesy of Jeff Iurato

"Big Jim," a White Cornish bantam cockerel
Photo courtesy of Brian Decker

A pair of Dark Cornish and a White Laced Red hen
Photo courtesy of a friend in the UK

A Jubilee Indian Game female
Photo ©John Tarren

A Dark Indian Game trio from Australia
Photo courtesy of Jessica Williams

An Indian Game bantam female
Photo ©John Tarren

An Indian Game hen from the UK
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Top view of another Indian Game bantam hen
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A Dark Cornish cockerel
Photo courtesy of Dan Bradbury

An Indian Game bantam male
Photo ©John Tarren

An old pair of Jubilee Indian Game from Oz
Photo courtesy of Jessica Williams

A White Laced Red Cornish bantam cock
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A Barred Cornish bantam pullet

A trio of White Laced Red Cornish

Spangled Cornish bantams: hen, pullet and rooster
Photos courtesy of ACA Hady Poultry, WI

A pair of Jubilee large fowl from Oz
Photo courtesy of James Wong

A Dark Cornish bantam pullet
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

Two views of a White Laced Red Cornish male
Photos courtesy of Taryn Koerker

Buff Cornish hens
Photo courtesy of Mark Jacobs

"Pearl," a Red-laced White Cornish bantam hen
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A Blue Indian Game cockerel
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Hatchery quality Dark Cornish
Photo courtesy of Misty Lundberg

Dark Cornish chicks
Photo courtesy of Lisa B.

A White Laced Red Cornish chick
Photo courtesy of Valerie Ackley

More Cornish chicks, these from Switzerland
Photo courtesy of Alberto Prats

Red-laced White Cornish chicks
Photos courtesy of Taryn Koerker

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