"Feather Boa," my Black Frizzle Cochin bantam cock

Frizzle is a mutant in the chicken in which the feathers grow so that they curve outward, instead of lying smoothly along the bird's body. It can occur in many breeds.

Here's Glenda Heywood's article on What Makes a Good Frizzle?

Breed clubs:

National Frizzle Club of America
Glenda Heywood
PO Box 1647
Easley, SC 29641

The Frizzle Society of Great Britain
Mrs. C. Shepherd
Keepers Cottage, Skelly Crag, Foxfield
Nr. Broughton-in-Furness, Cumbria LA20 6BU

Frizzle Links:

Ron's Frizzle page

G & K Exotics's Frizzle picture page

combinatie de krulveer -- breeder of Polish Frizzles

Frizzles at e-chickens

Meadowlark Cochin Bantams has both smooth and frizzled Cochins

Frizzled Cochins at Philen Farms

See the Frizzled Cochins at Popsun Farm Poultry

"Peony," a White Frizzle Cochin pullet

A Cochin Frizzle bantam rooster
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A Clean Legged White Frizzle bantam female
Photo courtesy of Claude McAllister

A Red Frizzle Cochin bantam cockerel from McMurray Hatchery
Photo courtesy of Shahbazin

"Rags," my Blue Frizzle Cochin bantam cock

A pair of Clean Legged Frizzle bantams

My adorable Frizzled Golden Laced Polish bantam rooster "BHD"

"Larry," my large Blue Cochin Frizzle cockerel

Now here's something different -- A Frizzled Polish / Araucana cross! It was developed by Joe Stromei to look like Big Bird!
Photo © Eric Sander
This photo and many others are available on Eric's great calendar "12 Chicks with an Attitude"

"Rainbow," given to me as an egg by my friend Katra and probably the cutest Frizzle I've ever seen. He's a Blue/Red with barred hackles

A Blue Mottled Frizzle rooster
Photo courtesy of Casey Gentry

Two shots of "Charisse," my Black Frizzle pullet

A Frizzled White Rock bantam male and his head
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

A Blue Frizzle cockerel (left) and pullet

A standard Buff Frizzle cockerel, probably a Buff Rock

A Silver-laced Frizzle pullet

A pair of White Frizzles, female on the left

Another Blue Frizzle rooster
Photo courtesy of Sandy Houck

A trio of Clean-legged Black Frizzle bantams
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

A Buff Frizzle Cochin bantam cock
Photo courtesy of Becky Hammond

Another clean-legged White Frizzle bantam rooster
Photo courtesy of Alex Hales

"Blueberry," a Blue Frizzle cock
Photo courtesy of Kim Hutchinson

A Cochin-type Buff Frizzle pullet
Photo courtesy of Casey Gentry

Here's a clean-legged Gold-laced Frizzle rooster from the UK
Photo courtesy of Nic Gilbert

A pair of Black Mottled Cochin bantam Frizzles, pullet on left, cock on right
Photos courtesy of Becky Hammond

Kat's Frizzle Cochin bantam cockerel
Photo courtesy of Katra

Here's a Splash Cochin bantam Frizzle male
Photos courtesy of Dawn Dembowksi

Another Red Frizzle rooster
Photo courtesy of Parker

And a Red Frizzle pullet
Photo courtesy of Joe Treas

Another Black Frizzle Cochin pullet
Photo courtesy of Parker

"Lefty Frizzle," my clean legged White rooster

A Frizzled Mottled Japanese bantam male
Photo courtesy of William Stifler

A pair of Frizzled White Japanese bantams
Photos courtesy of Thomas and Teresa Williford

Frizzled Golden Duckwing OEG bantams
Photos courtesy of Parker Padilla

A Frizzled Blue Polish hen
Photo courtesy of A. Boland

Some young Frizzled Polish
Photo courtesy of Mandy

Head shots of a Bearded Buff Laced Frizzled Polish hen
Photos courtesy of Laura Phillips

Two more Frizzled Polish -- a Golden rooster and a Buff Laced hen
Photos courtesy of Channing Grisham

A pair of Frizzled White Poland bantams
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

How about a Naked Neck Frizzle?
Photo courtesy of Steve Mckuhen

Or perhaps a Blue-eyed Naked Neck Frizzle
Photos courtesy of Frank Pytellek

Here's a pair of Blue Frizzled Turkens
Photos courtesy of Frank Pytellek

And some Black Frizzled Naked Necks, a hen and a pullet
Photos courtesy of Frank Pytellek

OK, hasn't this gone far enough? Whose idea was it to frizzle a Showgirl?
Photo courtesy of Julie Rountree

A Frizzled Marans rooster
Photo courtesy of Leva

How about Frizzled Ameraucana pullets?
Photo courtesy of Paul McSorley

A Frizzled Buff Rock pullet with a normal pullet for comparison

And here's a couple of Serama Frizzle roosters, with plain hens
Photos courtesy of Jessi Wilbers

And finally: Double or nothing -- a Frizzled Silkie
Photo courtesy of Julie Rountree

An 8-week-old White Frizzle
Photo courtesy of Nic Gilbert

One-day-old and three-week-old Frizzle bantam chicks
Photo courtesy of Katra

A Red Frizzle bantam chick
Photo courtesy of Carrie Medina

These clean-legged Blue Frizzles from the UK are between 10 days and 2 weeks old
Photos courtesy of Nic Gilbert

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