Lakenvelders (or Lakenfelders)

A bantam Lakenvelder male
Photo courtesy of Frances Bassom

The Dutch name of this breed is often said to mean "a shadow on a sheet." I have been contacted by a Dutchman who believes that the birds were named after the village of Lakenvelt. He mentions that there are also breeds of cattle and goats which have the black head and tail and are also known as Lakenvelders. Although it carries a Dutch name, the breed is considered to have been developed in the Westfalen area of Germany. In the Netherlands and the UK there appear to be both bantam and standard forms, and a Blue variety has been developed, at least in the UK.

The hens lay white eggs and are non-setters. Males weigh 5 to6 pounds and females from 3 to 4.5 pounds. With their strongly contrasting colors, these birds are quite striking when at range on a grassy area.

Lakenvelder Links:

Lakenvelder bantams at South Yeo Farm East

Lakenvelders are available at Durham Hens.

A Lakenvelder cockerel and pullet
Photo courtesy of Frances Bassom

Another pair of Lakenvelders
Photos courtesy of Owen Goodfellow

A Blue Lakenvelder bantam cockerel
Photo courtesy of Frances Bassom

A Lakenvelder bantam female
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

A male Lakenvelder
Photo courtesy of Dennis Hawkins of PBCPFA

Lakenvelder bantam pair
Photos courtesy of John W. Blehm

"Bluey" and "Peachy," a couple of Golden Lakenvelder females
Photos courtesy of Bethany

A pair of Lakenvelders from the UK
Photos courtesy of Robert Stephenson

"Malakin" is a twelve-year-old Lakenvelder hen
Photo courtesy of Chris Dunbar

A flock of Gold Lakenvelders
Photo courtesy of Dr. Albert McGraw

Golden Lakenvelder pullets
Photos courtesy of Dani Hoenemier

A Lakenvelder flock roosting
Photo courtesy of Tommy Green

Lakenvelder chicks
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

The same chicks from above
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

Lakenvelder chicks
Photo courtesy of Kelly Gwen

Lakenvelder bantam chicks
Photo courtesy of John W. Blehm

Another Lakenvelder chick
Photo courtesy of Hristo Lukanov

2 shots of a Lakenvelder chick, altho' this one has more brown than usual
Photos courtesy of Darcie

Gold Lakenvelder chicks at 2 and 3 weeks
Photos courtesy of Jessica Blanks

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