Rosecomb Bantams

"Herbie," Nora's Black Rosecomb male
Photo courtesy of Nora L. Hatton

Rosecombs are true bantams, developed by English breeders, and have been know since at least the 1400s. there are many color varieties of Rosecomb, although the APA only recognizes the Black, Blue and White Rosecombs. The ABA acknowledges more varieties.

The large red rosecomb is, obviously, a breed trademark, as is the large white and round earlobe.

Breed clubs:

Rosecomb Bantam Federation
Fran Curtis
PO Box 109
Thomaston, ME 04861

Rosecomb Bantam Club
Adrian Knaggs
West Wold Farm
Langton, Malton YO17 9QQ

Scottish Rosecomb Club
Mr. A. Robertson
Loan knowe Farm
Eccles, Kelso, Borders, TD5 7QT
phone: 01573-470333

The Danish Sebright & Rosecomb Club
Helen Orndorf
Bondesvadvej 169 Rold
DK 8300
Odder, Denmark
tel.: + 45 86 56 02 07

Der Bantam-Klub -- a German Rosecomb club

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Steve Wheat's Bantam Barn

The head and comb of a Black-breasted Red Rosecomb

[photo: Black Rosecomb cock]

"Garfield" at 8 years old
Photo courtesy of Virginia Martin

A Black Rosecomb female

Another Black Rosecomb female
Photo courtesy of Shannon Doane

A pair of Blue Rosecombs from Germany
Photos courtesy of Sascha Michel

Head shot of a roo, showing comb and nice round earlobe
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

Here's a nice Black Rosecomb hen from Denmark
Photo courtesy of Helen Ørndorf

A very nice BRC rooster: note his almost perfectly round earlobes
Photo courtesy of Kyle Harris

"Ben," my Gold Duckwing Rosecomb bantam rooster who thinks he's a duck!
He spends his days hanging out by the pond with the waterfowl

A nice Black Rosecomb roo from the UK
Photo courtesy of Jed Dwight

Rosecombs from South Korea: BBR pair, Splash pullet and Blue cockerel
Photos courtesy of Lee Seong Woon

One of my Silver Duckwing Rosecomb hens

Another good BRC rooster head from the UK
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

That's "Leadbelly" on the left and Bessie on the right, my pair of Blue Rosecombs

A nice Blue Rosecomb cockerel

A Mottled Rosecomb rooster
Photo courtesy of Nick Bulach

Rosecombs from Germany -- Partridge, Columbian, Gold Duckwing and Gold Columbian
Photos courtesy of Sascha Michel

White Rosecomb pair from South Korea
Photo courtesy of Lee Seong Woon

Another Black Rosecomb pullet
Photo courtesy of Jed Dwight

A pair of Barred Rosecomb bantams
Photos courtesy of Kendall Robbins

A Splash Rosecomb cockerel

A Splash Rosecomb female

Shannon's White Rosecomb male "Spunk"
Photo courtesy of Shannon Doane

A pair of Black-breasted Red Rosecombs

A White Rosecomb cock in the UK
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

A trio of Black Rosecomb bantams
Photo courtesy of Kyle Harris

A pair of Buff Rosecombs from Denmark
Photos courtesy of Helen Ørndorf

My White Rosecomb cock

A nice Black Rosecomb pullet from the UK
Photo © Rupert Stephenson

A Black Rosecomb chick

A Barred Rosecomb chick
Photo courtesy of Kendall Robbins

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