More Mixed Breeds

"Avrummy" was a Rosecomb cross

"Sumo" got his name because of his parents: His mother was a huge Black Jersey Giant and his father was "Sir John," a Japanese Phoenix cross. I never understood how he came out almost white, with that parentage!
Photo courtesy of Virginia Martin

"Double A" was another son of "Kit's"

"Tiger" was an Easter Egger mix
I'm sorry I don't have a shot of his father, "Tweed," whose plumage was almost completely that herringbone pattern

"(My Little) Chickadee," A Phoenix cross
Photo ©Bill Curran

A Silver Phoenix X Speckled Sussex rooster
Photo courtesy of Alicia Boger

"Knothead," my friend Dennis's Demon Rooster. He's a cross between a Golden Polish rooster and a White Leghorn hen. Look at that double-bladed comb!!
Photo courtesy of Dennis Hawkins

"Cull," who hatched in my flock but now belongs to my friend Ray
Cull's history is odd. He hatched out of a pen of Marans that had been separated for breeding for nearly 2 months before the egg he hatched from was laid, yet with his pea comb and heavily feathered legs he looks to be a Brahma cross. This leads us to suspect that hens can sometimes retain fertile sperm for more than the normally accepted 3 weeks!
Photo courtesy of Ray Seney

"Foxy," a second generation Silkie cross
First generation Silkie crosses are almost always normally feathered with slight crests and 5 toes. Foxy has normal wing feathering, but you can see the fuzziness of his Silkie heritage in his body feathering.

"Mike" -- I don't know what he is, just a barnyard mix of some kind, but I like him

This is "Shoulders," a Langshan cross, probably with Brahma

And here he is at 8 years old, shortly before he passed away
Photo courtesy of Ginger Carson

I've kept "E. Paul" because, even tho' he's much smaller, he reminds me so much of Shoulders

"Thylacine's" mother was a Buff Brahma

"Tage," a Modern Game bantam cross
Photo courtesy of Johanna Podhorny

"Big Daddy," a really cute bantam of totally unknown ancestry
Photo courtesy of Kathy Kuykendoll

This handsome little guy is from Singapore -- he looks like he may have some Serama blood
Photo courtesy of ya beee

"Duke" is an unknown mix - I just love those Buff Barred birds
Photo courtesy of Hayley

"Isabella," Simone's Ameraucana bantam X Cochin bantam hen
Photo courtesy of Simone Lovano

"Squeaky," a cross between a Birchen Modern Game bantam rooster and a Black Sumatra hen

Well, he's not really a mixed breed, he was an experimental cross between two varieties of Brahma -- very pretty bird
Photo courtesy of Sharon Green

"Sandpiper" is a Modern Game bantam cross

Black-cap and Blondie are Golden Phoenix X Buff Wyandotte pullets

"White Eagle" is another handsome mix
Photo courtesy of Christopher Wilson

This rooster is a Mille Fleur d'Uccle / Silkie cross
Photo courtesy of Tier

A very handsome fellow found abandoned on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia
Photo courtesy of Ila France Porcher

"Mickey" is a Phoenix mix

"Nigel Too," also a Phoenix mix, is one of the prettiest mixes that's appeared in my flock
Photo courtesy of Casimir Nozkowski

A handsome boy, this guy is out of a Mahogany Ginger Silver Phoenix and a Black Cochin, pictured to his right
Photos courtesy of Brian Reeder

A handsome mixed breed from Australia
Photo courtesy of Gary Craw

"Henri" is a Spangled Russian Orloff cross -- I love that "leaf" comb

"Dawn" is a pretty mixed breed hen
Photo courtesy of Ginger Carson

"Spot" is a Silver Spangled Hamburg / Black Minorca cross
Photo courtesy of Ginger Carson

Spot's son "Marvin"

This is "Spike," who just appeared in my flock one day -- I assume he was dumped up the hill and flew over the fence

And this is "Claude," who definitely was dumped on the hill -- my girlfriend at the time decided he must be saved from the foxes and sat there til she managed to bait him close enough to catch

"Jesus" is a Golden Sebright cross
How he got his name: I put a hen with some 3-day-old chicks out in a pen. One chick panicked at some point, got through the wire and disappeared into the weeds. I heard peeping but every time I got near it stopped and and I couldn't find it. That night there was a horrendous rain storm and it was cold out, too. A chick couldn't survive that without the mother to keep it warm. So when he came out of the weeds to his mother the next afternoon, he definitely earned his name.

Here we have "Flash," a Frizzled, Naked Necked, Crested What-not
Photos courtesy of Paul McSorley

This is "Chester," probably an American Game cross
Photos courtesy of Sandy McMullen

This handsome guy is a cross between a RIR and a Sumatra
Photos courtesy of Jason Halonen

This brother and sister are the offspring of an Ameraucana bantam and a RIR bantam
Photo courtesy of Tommy Green & Seth Jensen

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