Yamato Gunkei

A pair of Yamato Gunkei
Image courtesy of the Oriental Gamefowl Club International

Text by
Julia Keeling
British Representative of the Asian Gamefowl Society

The Yamato Gunkei is an in-between size of oriental Gamefowl from the 1.3kg pullet to the 2kg adult cock. Although it has the Chibi Shamo as a smaller version, it is nevertheless usually also considered to be, and shown as, a bantam Shamo breed (a totally different breed from the Ko Shamo). The most important attribute of this breed is "exaggeration." When adult it has a massive frame, strong chunky legs and feet, and a large head with pendulous dewlap and very wrinkled skin, which gets more wrinkled and grotesque with age. Colour of plumage is not important, but it must be hard and sparse with bare red skin showing at throat, point of wing, down the keel and around the vent. The wings are held away from the body at the shoulders, and the shoulder coverts should show clearly on the back, giving the characteristic "five hills" as seen from the back: wing / shoulder coverts / back / shoulder coverts / wing. The "prawn" tail is short and should point down and inwards between the legs. The females are not usually as exaggerated as the males, but in both sexes the aim is for as much exaggeration as possible within the weight limits. Very rarely seen in the British Isles, the breed is in very few hands even on the Continent. It seems that birds or eggs are difficult to obtain, even from Japan where, although they have specialist shows for small Shamo breeds, stock is jealously guarded.

Breed club:

The Asian Hardfeather Club
Julia Keeling, secretary
Ballashee, Staarvey Road, German
Isle of Man, IM5 2AJ
British Isles
phone: (+44)-1624-801825
e-mail: shamolady@manx.net

The Asian Gamefowl Society or Speciaalclub Aziatische Vechthoenrassen
Willem van Ballekom (Secretaris SAV)
Hobokenlaan 19
5628 VA Eindhoven
phone: 040-2417208

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The head of a male, showing the characteristic wrinkling
Image courtesy of the Oriental Gamefowl Club International

Heads of young male (left) and female Yamato Gunkei
Photos courtesy of Greenfire Farms

A Yamato Gunkei pullet
Photo courtesy of Greenfire Farms

A pair of Yamato Gunkei, male the left
Images courtesy of the Oriental Gamefowl Club International

A cockerel
Photos courtesy of Greenfire Farms

Three views of a Yamato Gunkei rooster
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Photos courtesy of Greenfire Farms

A Yamato Gunkei chick
Photo courtesy of
Greenfire Farms

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