Pearl Guineas

My favorite shot of my Pearl Guineas. They look like they're at home on the African savannah -- they were actually in the yard at my old farm in New York state

These two are actually in the wild in South Africa
Photo courtesy of Diana Marek

A nice shot of a Pearl Guinea
Photo courtesy of Jeff Rankin

The head of a Guinea cock
Photos courtesy of Cilla Taylor

A flock of guineas with some newly-hatched young

Another Pearl Guinea
Photo © of Robert Stephenson

Three Pearl Guineas on a fence
Photo courtesy of Cilla Taylor

Guinea head
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

A month old Pearl Guinea keet

A 5-week-old keet
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

Guinea keets -- as new as they come
Photo courtesy of Cilla Taylor

Day-old Pearl keets
Photo on left courtesy of Katrin Becker; photo on right courtesy of Jude Tupman

A Pearl keet
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Two shots of a 2-day-old keet

A small brood of Pearl Guinea keets
Photo courtesy of Caleb Stroh

Another Pearl Guinea keet

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