Common Moorhen

aka Common Gallinule

Gallinula chloropus

A Common Moorhen
Photo courtesy of Diana Marek

Common Moorhens are often thought to be ducks when seen swimming. They are, however, one of the Gallinules, long-legged waders with wide, long toes that enable them to walk on lily pads and the like.

The bright red frontal plate and the shorter bill with a bright yellow tip helps to distinguish them quickly from ducks. They also pump their heads as they swim or walk.

They are cosmopolitan in distribution, being found in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Common habitat is open fresh water ringed by dense vegetation.

Common Moorhen Links:

A Common Moorhen doing what Gallinules do best!
Photo courtesy of Stefan

If you look carefully, you can see those amazing feet
Photo courtesy of Carol Kelly

A Moorhen swimming
Photo courtesy of Romain Kang

Two Common Gallinules
Photo courtesy of Stefan

This shot shows those feet clearly
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Moorhens from Grand Cayman
Photos courtesy of Diana Marek

Two shots of another Moorhen
Photos courtesy of Stefan

Photos courtesy of Daniel Sörensen



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