Black-shouldered Peafowl


A color variant of the Blue India, the male Black-shouldered is similar in color, except that his shoulders are, you guessed it, black. The Black-shouldered female, however, is mostly white with some black and tan on her back.

Here's a 3 second, 463K movie of my Black-shouldered peafowl courting.

I have no idea why the Black-shouldered female looks so different!

"Magritte," my Black-shouldered male
Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

"Magritte," from the rear while displaying
Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

"Tapestry," my Black-shouldered female

Shahbazin's Black-shouldered peahen
Photo courtesy of Shahbazin

Another Black-shouldered male

"Salvador" (Dali), my Pied, White-eyed Black-shouldered peacock
Photo courtesy of Fran Sutherland

Here's "Virgil" at six months
His mother was probably my blue India hen "Minuet" (at least she hatched the egg and raised him), and his father was probably "Magritte." His coloration is developing the way a male Black-shouldered's does. Both sexes have the female coloration for the first few months.

"Virgil" at 8 months
Photo courtesy of Virginia Martin

"Virgil" at 9 months, with his mother, my Blue India "Minuet"

"Virgil" at 9 months, showing off with his dad, "Magritte"

"Polly," another Black-shouldered hen
Photo courtesy of C. S. Mills

"Pete" at two months, one and a half weeks (see chick below)
Photo courtesy of Sandra Koob

"Pete," a Black-shouldered chick
Photo courtesy of Sandra Koob

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