Blue India Peafowl

The first two shots are of "Romeo," who was my very first peacock. Below these are some clearer shots of another Blue India male, "Picasso," showing how the wing pattern differs from that of the Black-shouldered variety.

The shoulder pattern on "Romeo," a Blue India male

"Romeo" displaying

Two shots of an 18-month-old India Blue male
Photos courtesy of Angie Brainard

"Picasso" displaying as a two-year old
Photo courtesy of the BatLady

"Picasso" lying down
Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

A close-up of "Picasso's" head and wing
Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

Another two-year-old male
Photo courtesy of Ellen Rockensock

[Photo of a Blue India peahen]

My old Blue India hen, "Brooklyn"
One day I got a call from the New York City ASPCA. They had found a peacock, they said, sitting on the railroad tracks in Brooklyn. Well, they were half right! It was a peahen, but it was on the tracks in Brooklyn, hence her name.

"Sibylle," another favorite among my peafowl
Photo courtesy of Stefan

A Blue India male
Photo courtesy of Leslie English

This is "Emerald" with her two 2009 peachicks -- She is not pure Blue India but 1/4 Java Green

A White-eyed Blue India male at Frazier's Aviaries

Nine-month-old Blue India peahens
Photo courtesy of Jan Deweerdt

A peahen hanging out with a Kookabura in Australia
Photo courtesy of Eleanor M. Perno

Two shots of "Penelope." a young peahen
Photos courtesy of Mitch Harper

But I think she's cute!
Photo courtesy of Jen Henderson

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