White Peafowl

[A photograph of Snowman]

The White Peacock "Chantilly Snowman"
1 June 1989--18 March 2001

No one and nothing is as beautiful as Snowman. He's the showpiece of the farm. Here he is with his tail (train) spread, and here's the view from the rear. And you can watch the 5.5 second, 867K movie Snowman Running.

"Snowman" displaying
Photo courtesy of Maggie Becker

A snowfall
Photo courtesy of Di Countryman

I put in a skylight -- this may have been a mistake -- and "Flake" likes it

Yearling White Peafowl: "Norman" (on right) and "Flake"

This White Peacock was photographed traveling across someone's yard.
Photo courtesy of Jacky

My White peahen "GrantWood" at two years of age -- she was sold to me at three months old as a male, hence the masculine name
Photo courtesy of Ginger Carson

The strangest white peacock!
Photo courtesy of Rita Mischke

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