"Old Crow"

June 11, 1992 -- May 1, 2003

In 1992 I had only one domestic turkey, a black hen. She mated with a wild male that flew in over the fence and I have their son, "Old Crow," who looks like a pure wild turkey. And here's a 6.5 seconds, 1041K movie of "Old Crow" chasing his son "Muhammed" around.

Here you can see his 6-inch-long beard
Photo courtesy of the BatLady

"Old Crow"
Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

His head!
Photo courtesy of Virginia Martin

Here he is as a yearling

His colors in the sunlight are quite incredible
Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

What a (real) turkey!
Photo ©1998 Virginia Martin

And here's his son "Goshen" displaying
Altho' he's a mixed breed, Goshen has markings very similar to a Narragansett

And here's Goshen from the side
Photo courtesy of Robert Sussman

"Old Crow's" son or grandson (by Goshen) "Hodgepodge" -- his mother was one of Old Crow's wild-type daughters
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

Another of Old Crow's sons (or grandson by Goshen); I don't know who the mother was, but he was a 1999 hatch

Unrelated crosses

Tommy's Wild cross tom
Photo courtesy of Tommy Green

A domestic tom fathered this bird
Photo courtesy of Tommy Green's friend Seth

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