A photo of 2 male turkeys displaying]

"Old Crow," on the left, with his son "Muhammed"

Turkey eggs take 28 days to hatch. Treat them like chicken eggs. Baby turkeys are called poults and adult females are hens. In the US males are referred to as toms, but in Britain they are often called stags.

The fleshy appendage that hangs down over a male turkey's beak is called a "snood."

The results of the 1999 SPPA rare turkey census.

If you're interested in the rare breeds of turkeys, go to the Rare Heritage Turkeys mailing list.

The American Livestock Breed Conservancy has published a book on conserving rare turkeys!

Here's the page for the Turkey Club UK

Turkey Saddles

Here's an SPPA article on Keeping Turkeys.

Turkey courtship

Gemma with Slate Blue poults

Another use for turkeys . . . but remember . . . they grow up!
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

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