You know, you can't really go to the zoo from here, silly person.

But since you're here, here's a few tips on the North American zoo world. If you're on the west coast, by all means take a trip down to the San Diego Zoo. And then take another day to explore its Wild Animal Park. Mid-westerners will enjoy heading up to Chicago and passing some time at the Brookfield Zoo. And for you east-coast types, well, there's the Bronx Zoo in New York City and the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. The National Zoo now has real-time cameras set up on a couple of their exhibits. These are four of the best zoos in the country. If you want something different in zoo styling, you might try the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (which concentrates on local wildlife) in Tucson, next time you're down in the southwest. If you're not near one of these great zoological parks and you don't even want to go down the block, you could drop by FeatherSite's Poultry Page for a tour of various domestic breeds of poultry.

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