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American Poultry Journal 61(9), Sept.; 64(10), Oct. 1930/33

Backyard Poultry 1979--1995

Fancy Fowl 1981+ 1(1)--present (missing V. 1, nos. 2 & 3)

Peacock Journal 1993--1995

Turkey World, 4(3) 1929

Alderton, David Atlas of Quails 1992

Allen, William H., Jr. How to Raise and Train Pigeons 1972

American Pekin Duck Company How We Make Ducks Pay 1906

American Poultry Association American Standard of Perfection, 1915 1915

American Poultry Association American Standard of Perfection, 1945 1945

American Poultry Association American Standard of Perfection, 1998 1998

American Poultry Association Rosecomb Bantam 1992

Anonymous Profits in Poultry: Useful and Ornamental Breeds and Their Profitable Management 1894

Anonymous Raising Guinea Fowl, USDA Leaflet No. 519 1963

Anonymous Farm Poultry Management, US Dept Agric., FarmerŐs Bull. no. 2197 1969

Anonymous Home Flock 1979

Ash, William J. Raising Ducks, USDA FarmersŐ Bulletin No. 2215, 1976

Ashton, Chris Domestic Geese 1999

Ashton, Chris & Mike The Domestic Duck 2001

Ashton, Chris & Mike The Indian Runner Duck: a Historical Guide 2002

Atwater, Sally, & J. Schnell, eds. Ruffed Grouse 1989

Banks, Stuart Complete Handbook of Poultry-keeping 1979

Barnes, J. Garden Poultry Keeping 2000

Bartlett, Tom Ducks and Geese: A Guide to Management 1986(98)

Bartlett, Tom Folly Farm Poultry [nd]

Bastedo, Alexandra, & David Bland Poultry Matters (video) 1995

Batty, J., & M. Batty, eds. Poultry Houses and Appliances 1983

Batty, Joseph Keeping Jungle Fowl 1993

Batty, Joseph Bantams & Small Poultry 1996

Batty, Joseph Poultry Shows & Showing 1999

Batty, Joseph Old English Game Color Guide 2000

Bedichek, Roy Adventures with a Texas Naturalist (chapter 9: Denatured Chickens) 1947/62

Beebe, William A Monograph of the Pheasants (4 vols. bound as 2) 1918

Beebe, William Pheasants: Their Lives and Homes, 2 vols. 1926

Belanger, Jerome D. Homesteader's Handbook to Raising Small Livestock 1976

Bellrose, Frank C. Ducks, Geese and Swans of North America 1980

Bender, Marjorie E. F., D. Philip Sponenberg & Donald E. Bixby Taking Stock of Waterfowl 2000

Bender, Marjorie E. F. , Robert O. Hawes & Donald E. Bixby Counting Our Chickens: Identifying Breeds in Danger of Extinction 2004

Bergerud, Arthur T., & Gratson, M. W., (eds.) Adaptive Strategies and Population Ecology of Northern Grouse, 2 Vols. 1988

Bergmann, Josef Peafowl of the World 1980

Biggle, Jacob Biggle Poultry Book: A Concise and Practical Treatise on the Management of Farm Poultry 1895

Birkbeck, Alan Wildfowl at Home 1991

Birkhead, Mike, & Christopher Perrins Mute Swan 1986

Blake, James Keeping Peafowl 1990

Bland, David Practical Poultry Keeping 1996

Bland, David Poultry for the Garden 1997

Bland, David C. Turkeys: A Guide to Management 2000

Bodio, Stephen J. Aloft (on flying pigeons) 1990

Boone, M. A., & J. D. Harmon Peafowl 1983

British Belgian Bantam Club Handbook [1982]

Brown, Danny A Guide to . . . Pigeons, Doves & Quail: Their Management, Care & Breeding 1995

Brown, Danny A Guide to . . . Pheasants & Waterfowl: Their Management, Care & Breeding 1998

Brown, Edward Poultry Breeding and Production [1929]

Burdett, Will, & Joseph Batty The Orpington Fowl 1998

Burnham, Geo. P. The History of the Hen Fever 1855

Burnham, Geo. P. Burnham's New Poultry Book 1877

Butler, John Keeping Guinea Fowl 1997

Charles, T. Burr, & Stuart, Homer O. Commercial Poultry Farming 1942

Christman, Carolyn J. & R. O. Hawes Birds of a Feather: Saving Rare Turkeys from Extinction 1999

Cleveland, Charles D. Chicken Nurses: Everybodys Standard Poultry Book Series 1920

Collingwood, Herbert W. Business Hen 1910

Conover, M. Roberts Making a Poultry House 1912

Cullen, M. O. How to Carve Meat, Game and Poultry 1941

Damerow, Gail Your Chickens: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing 1993

Damerow, Gail Chicken Health Handbook 1994

Damerow, Gail Guide to Raising Chickens 1995

Damerow, Gail, Ed. Barnyard in Your Backyard 2002

Delacour, Jean Pheasant Breeding and Care 1953

Delacour, Jean Pheasants of the World 1965

Delacour, Jean Pheasant Breeding and Care 1970

Delacour, Jean, & Dean Amadon Curassows and Related Birds 1973

Dickey, Owen The Game Fowl Colour Guide (2006)

Dohner, Janet Vorwald The Encyclopedia of Historic and Endangered Livestock and Poultry Breeds 2001

Eiche, Sabine Presenting the Turkey: The Fabulous Story of a Flamboyant and Flavourful Bird 2004

FAO Keeping Chickens 1977

Feltwell, Ray Small-scale Poultry Keeping 1992

Fergusen, Jeannette S. Gardening with Guineas 1999

Fett, Dennis M. Wacky World of Peafowl 1986

Fett, Dennis M. & Debra J. Buck Wacky World of Peafowl, Vol II 1990

Fitzsimons, James O'C. Pheasants and Their Enemies 1979

Florea, J. H. ABC of Poultry Raising 1977

Foy, Charles, & Clair Hetland Pigeons for Pleasure and Profit nd

Francesch Vidal, Amadeu Gallinas de Raza ?1998

French, Jackie Chook Book 1993

Fronda, F. M. Poultry Science and Production 1972

Gardiner, T. P. Peafowl: Their Conservation, Breeding and Management 1996

Gardner, Geoffrey R., Fanchon F. Funk, Sheila A. Bolin, Rebecca Webb Wilson and Shirley A. Bolin Swan Keeper's Handbook: A Guide to the Care of Captive Swans 2003

Gates, Clayton Hunting Wild Turkeys, Outdoorsman Handbook Series 1941

Gerrits, H. A. Pheasants: Including Their Care in the Aviary 1971

Gibson, Alfred My Poultry Day by Day 1917

Gooders, John, & Trevor Boyer Ducks of North America and the Northern Hemisphere 1986

Goodwin, Derek Pigeons and Doves of the World 1967

Graves, Will Raising Poultry Successfully 1985

Green-Armytage, Stephen Extraordinary Chickens 2000

Green-Armytage, Stephen Extraordinary Pheasants 2002

Green-Armytage, Stephen Extraordinary Pigeons 2003

Grimes, William My Fine Feathered Friends 2002

Grow, Oscar Modern Waterfowl Management and Breeding Guide 1972

Gryner, Linda M. Chantecler & Other Rare Poultry Breeds 1996

Hadfield, Anna Peacock on the Lawn 1965

Hamburgh Club of Great Britain Memento 2000, includes Hamburghs in a Nutshell 2000

Hams, Fred Old Poultry Breeds 1983

Harvey, Rob Practical Incubation 1993

Hayes, Leland B. Upland Game Birds: Their Breeding and Care 1995

Higgs, Alan Modern Game Club Book 1992

Hobson, J. C. Jeremy Bantams: A Guide to Keeping, Breeding and Showing 2005

Hogan, Walter Call of the Hen 1913

Holderread, Dave Raising the Home Duck Flock: A Complete Guide 1978

Holderread, Dave Book of Geese 1981

Holderread, Dave StoreyŐs Guide to Raising Ducks 2001

Honour, Danne Jon Poultry Breeds of Spanish Ancestry (homemade pamphlet) [1982]

Honour, Danne Jon Buff Coloration in Poultry (homemade pamphlet) 2001

Hosking, Eric, and Janet Kear Wildfowl 1985

Howman, K. C. R. Introduction to Ornamental Pheasants 1996

Hurd, L. M. Goose Raising, Cornell Extension Bulletin #823, 1953

Hurd, Louis M. Practical Poultry-farming 1929

Hyde, Dayton O. (ed.) Raising Wild Ducks in Captivity 1974

International Correspondence School Poultryman's Handbook 1922

Irvine, Lyn Field with Geese: A Book about the Domestic Goose 1960

Ives, Paul Domestic Geese and Ducks 1947

Jeffers, Fred H. Selection of Old Poultry Books, English and American . . . 1954[88]

Jeffrey, F. P. (ed.) Silkies 1983

Jeffrey, Fred P. Bantam Chickens 1999

Jeffrey, Fred P., & William Richardson Old English Game Bantams as Bred and Shown in the United States 1995

Job, Herbert K. Propagation of Wild Birds 1923

Johnsgard, Paul A. Ducks, Geese, and Swans of the World 1978

Johnsgard, Paul A. Quails, Partridges, and Francolins of the World 1988

Johnsgard, Paul A. The Pheasants of the World: Biology and Natural History 1999

Johnsgard, Paul A., & Montserrat Carbonell Ruddy Ducks & Other Stifftails 1996

Johnston, Richard F. & Mari‡n Janiga Feral Pigeons 1995

Joos, Robert Success with Hens 1928

Jull, Morley A. The Races of Domestic Fowl, National Geographic 1927

Jull, Morley A. Fowls of Forest and Stream Tamed by Man, National Geographic [1930]

Jull, Morley A. Poultry Husbandry 1930

Jull, Morley A. Successful Poultry Management 1943

Jull, Morley A. Poultry Breeding 1946

Kains, M. G. Profitable Poultry Production 1913

Kalbacken, Joan Peacocks and Peahens 1994

Kay, Ian Stairway to the Breeds 1997

Kear, Janet The Mute Swan, Shire Natural History no. 27, 1988

Kear, Janet, & A. J. Berger The Hawaiian Goose 1980

Kilarski, Barbara Keep Chickens: Tending Small Flocks in Cities, Suburbs, and Other Small Spaces 2003

King, Kelli Khaki Campbells: The Adventures of Brady & Myaut (homemade booklet) 2002

King, Kelli Indian Runners: All about Sally & Lucy (homemade booklet) 2003

Klein, G. T., (Ed Robinson, ed.) Starting Right with Poultry 1947

Klein, G. T., (Ed Robinson, ed.) Starting Right with Turkeys 1972

Kuys, Adrian Poultry Books: An Australian Bibliography 2002

Kuz'mina, M. A. Tetraonidae and Phasianidae of the USSR: Eocology and Morphology 1992

Lack, David Evolution Illustrated by Waterfowl 1974

Laing, Peter W The Poultry Farmer's and Manager's Veterinary Handbook 1999

Lamon, Harry R., & Rob R. Slocum Ducks and Geese 1922

lapp, W. H., & McCollum, E. V. Hygiene, Feeding and Management of Baby Chicks 1930

Lee, Alfred R. Guinea Fowl, USDA Farmers' Bulletin No. 1391, 1940

Lee, Andy Chicken Tractor 1994

Leiser, Eric Fly-Tying Materials 1973

Lever, Christopher The Mandarin Duck, Shire Natural History no. 53 1990

Levi, Wendell Mitchell Pigeon 1941

Lewis, Harry R. Productive Poultry Husbandry 1914

Lewis, Harry R. Making Money from Hens 1919

Lewis, Wm. M. People's Practical Poultry Book 1871

Lillie, Frank R. Development of the Chick 1908

Lorenz, Konrad Year of the Greylag Goose 1979

Lorenz, Konrad Here Am I -- Where Are You?: The Behavior of the Greylag Goose 1991

Lowry, Thea S. Petaluma's Poultry Pioneers 1993

Lowry, Thea S. Empty Shells: The Story of Petaluma, America's Chicken City 2000

Luttmann, Rick & Gail Chickens in Your Backyard 1976

Luttmann, Rick & Gail Ducks & Geese in Your Backyard 1978

Madge, Steve, & Hilary Burn Waterfowl: An Identification Guide to the Ducks, Geese and Swans of the World 1988

Madge, Steve, & Phil McGowan Pheasants, Partridges, & Grouse: A Guide to the Pheasants, Partridges, Quails, Grouse, Guineafowl, Buttonquails, and Sandgrouse of the World 2002

Marsden, Stanley J., & Alfred R. Lee Turkey Raising, USDA FarmerŐs Bulletin No. 1409 1939

McGrew, Thomas F. Book of Poultry 1926

McGrew, Thomas F. Enemies of Poultry 1932

Mercia, Leonard S. Raising Poultry the Modern Way 1979

Mercia, Leonard S. Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry 2001

Mercia, Leonard S. Storey's Guide to Raising Turkeys 2001

Mettler, John J., Jr. Wild Turkeys: Hunting and Watching 1998

Mitchell, Horace Raising Game Birds 1945

Moore, Alanna Backyard Poultry - Naturally 1998

Murtagh, Nyiri For the Love of Ducks 2000

Naether, Carl A. Book of the Pigeon 1958

Nash, Marion R. Stringman's Scrap Book 1974

Norris, John, & John Palmer A Bibliography of Gamecocks & Cock-fighting 1995

Ogasawara, Frank X. Scientist Studies Japan's Fantastic Long-tailed Fowl, National Geographic, 138(6), Dec. 1970

Owen, Myrfyn Barnacle Goose, Shire Natural History Series, #51 1990

Paca, Lillian The Royal Birds 1963

Palmer, John Books on Poultry: A Collectors Bibliography 2003

Palmer, Ralph S. (ed.) Handbook of North American Birds, v.3; Waterfowl (Part 2) 1975

Park & Pollard Co. Lay or Bust; 1925 Yearbook & Almanac 1924

Parker, John & Phyllis Ornamental Waterfowl 1969

Patten, Bradley M. Early Embryology of the Chick 1971

Patterson, I. J. Shelduck: A Study in Behavioral Ecology 1982

Pekin Bantam Club of Australia The Australian Pekin Bantam: The Complete Handbook and Standards for the Pekin Bantam [nd]

Percy, Pam The Complete Chicken 2002

Percy, Pam The Field Guide to Chickens 2006

Periam, Jonathan & A. H. Baker The New Pictorial Cyclopedia of Live Stock, Embracing Horses, Cattle, Swin, Sheep and Poultry . . . (xerox of poultry chapters) 1902

Plamondon, Robert Success with Baby Chicks 2003

Platt, C. S., & L. M. Black Family Poultry Flock, NJ Agr. Exp. Stn., Rutgers, Circ. 494, 1957

Plummer, William J. Five of a Kind 1976

Porter, Valerie Domestic and Ornamental Fowl 1989

Powell-Owen, W. Complete Poultry Book 1924

Pratts Some New Poultry Wrinkles nd

Raethel, Heinz-Sigurd New Duck Handbook 1989

Ralston Purina Purina Poultry Guide 1933

Ralston Purina Purina Poultry Book 1939

Rankin, James Duck Culture 1914

Reading, Dorothy A Guide to Keeping Poultry in Australia 1981

Reeder, Brian An Introduction to Color Forms of the Domestic Fowl 2006

Rice, Elmer C. National Standard Squab Book 1937

Rice, James E., & Harold E. Botsford Practical Poultry Management 1930

Roberts, H. Armstrong Commercial Poultry Raising 1920

Roberts, Michael Chickens at Home 1983

Roberts, Michael Modern Free Range 1988

Roberts, Michael Ducks and Geese at Home 1991

Roberts, Michael British Large Fowl 1994

Roberts, Michael Turkeys at Home 1996

Roberts, Michael Poultry House Construction 1997

Roberts, Michael Poultry and Waterfowl Problems 1998

Roberts, Michael Domestic Duck and Geese in Colour 1999

Roberts, Michael Quail, Past & Present 1999

Roberts, Michael & Victoria Bantams in Colour 1984

Roberts, Victoria Poultry at Home (video) 1993

Roberts, Victoria Poultry for Anyone 1998

Roberts, Victoria Diseases of Free-range Poultry 2000

Roberts, Victoria Ducks, Geese and Turkeys for Anyone 2002

Roberts, Victoria (ed.) British Poultry Standards 1997

Robertson, P. A. The Pheasant, Shire Natural History no. 29 1988

Robinson, John H. Principles and Practice of Poultry Culture 1912

Robinson, John H. Popular Breeds of Domestic Poultry: American and Foreign 1924

Rubin, Pat Cooping In 1995

Salsbury Laboratories Salsbury Manual of Poultry Diseases [nd]

Sander, Eric Why the Best-looking Chicks Don't Go Home with You, Smithsonian, 27(10) 1997

Sando, R. B. American Poultry Cluture 1909

Schippers, Hans Kippen in Nederland 1996

Schmudde, Horst W. Oriental Gamefowl 2005

Schneider, Earl, ed. Enjoy Your Pigeons nd

Schrag, Ludwig Healthy Pigeons 1975

Schwanz, Lee (Ed.) The Family Poultry Flock 1987

Scott, Dafila Swans 1995

Scrivener, David Exhibition Poultry Keeping 2005

Severinghaus, Sheldon R. Swinhoe's Pheasant in Taiwan, Living Bird, 18, 1979Đ1980 1980

Shakespeare, Joseph Bantams Down-to-Date 1925

Sheraw, Darrel Successful Duck & Goose Raising 1975

Siegfried, W. Roy Social Behavior of the African Comb Duck, Living Bird, 17, 1978 1979

Simms, Eric Public Life of the Street Pigeon 1979

Singer, Andrew Backyard Poultry Book 1976

Smith, H. Easom Bantams for Everyone 1967

Smith, H. Easom Modern Poultry Development: A History of Domestic Poultry Keeping 1976

Smith, Page, & Daniel, Charles Chicken Book 1975

Smith, Peter The Sussex 2000

Soames, Barbara Keeping Domestic Geese 1980

South African Show Poultry Org. GazettE 1990

Staples, Tamara The Fairest Fowl: Portraits of Championship Chickens 2001

Stefferydm Alfred (ed.) Animal Diseases 1956

Stretton, Helen Silkies: The Unique Fowl 2003

Stromberg, Loyl Sexing All Fowl, Baby Chicks, Game Birds, Cage Birds 1977

Stromberg, Loyl Exhibiting Poultry for Pleasure . . . and Profit 1978

Stromberg, Loyl Pea Fowl Breeding and Management 1985

Stromberg, Loyl Swan Breeding and Management 1986

Stromberg, Loyl Poultry of the World 1996

Stroud, Robert Stroud's Digest on the Diseases of Birds 1964

Tarsnane, Simon Waterfowl: Care, Breeding and Conservation 1996

Taylor, John C. Backyard Poultry Keeping 1944

Tegetmeier, W. B. Pheasants: Their Natural History and Practical Management 1911

Terrell, Anne, I. Kay, & C. Ashton Call & Other Bantam Ducks 1998

Thacker, G. H. Home Poultry Flock NY Extension, Info. Bull. 83 1979

Todd, Frank S. Handbook of Waterfowl Identification 1997

Trevisick, Charles H. Fancy Pheasants, Jungle Fowl and Peafowl for Beginners nd

Tully, Thomas N., Jr., & Simon M. Shane, eds. Ratite Management, Medicine, and Surgery 1996

Twinch, Carol Poultry: A Guide to Management 1985(99)

Valentine, C. S. How to Keep Hens for Profit 1913

Valentine, C. S. Beginner in Poultry 1918

Van Hoesen, Roy (Loyl Stromberg, ed.) Guinea Fowl 1975

Vivian, John Eggs and Chickens, Garden Way Bulletin A-17 1978

Vivian, John M. Raising Ducks & Geese, Garden Way Bulletin A-18, 1977

Von den Deale, Karen Buzzard by Any Other Name (xerox of a story) 1995

Vosburgh, Frederick G. Easter Egg Chickens National Geographic, 94(3), Sept. 1948

Walters, John, & Michael Parker Keeping Chickens 1976

Walters, John, & Michael Parker Keeping Ducks, Geese and Turkeys 1982

Waters, Henry Jackson Essentials of the New Agriculture 1924

Watson, George C. Farm Poultry 1910

Watts, E. Poultry Yard: Comprising the Management of Fowls for Use and Exhibition 1893

Wethli, Ed The Southern African Chicken Book 1999

Whitlock, Ralph Rare Breeds 1980

Wilmore, Sylvia Bruce Swans of the World 1979

Wilson, William H., & Burks, Arthur J. Chicken and the Egg 1955

Winkelblech, Carl S. Farm Ponds in New York, Cornell Extension Bulletin #949, 1971

Wirthmore Poultry Serv. Dept. Timely Topics on Poultry Management 7th & 8th editions 1940/42

World Poultry Congress Report of Proceedings, Ottawa, July 27 to August 4 1927

World Poultry Congress Thirteenth World's Poultry Congress Symposium Papers 1966

Wortley, E. J. Poultry Diseases 1919

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