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An on-line zoological garden of domestic poultry, including photos, video and information about various breeds of fowl, such as chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, peafowl, pigeons, and turkeys. Various wildfowl are also included.

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Meet the Breeds

An oddly annotated tour of poultry varieties follows.

[A photo of Leroy Brown]
"Leroy Brown," my Gold-laced Polish

I keep all sorts of fancy and not-so-fancy poultry. It's sort of a sample collection for people to see all the different breeds that are available, but mostly just 'cause I love the quilt of colors and shapes moving about the place. There are also a couple of sheep.

This started out as a listing of the birds on my farm, but has evolved into an online poultry encyclopedia.


There are lots of breeds that I haven't been able to come up with photographs of, or even much information about. I'd like to make this site as complete as possible, so if you have pictures of breeds or varieties that aren't shown here, especially breeds that are not kept in the USA, and you'd be willing to share these with the world, please contact me at FeatherSite -- questions and comments.

A Note on Graphics

The photo images are mine unless otherwise noted. Some of the images are of birds that are, or have been, in my possession. Feel free to use any of MINE for nonprofit purposes as long as credit is given adjacent to the image! Credit must be given both to the photographer and www.feathersite.com. (Note: This means you can use a few for school projects or educational purposes, but you cannot take a whole bunch of images to use on a web page -- I want to be clear about that.) Should you wish to use one for profit, please contact me and we will arrange a contribution to the Feed Fund. Regarding those here "courtesy" of other folks, they are also available for nonprofit uses in the same way, again with credits as above, unless they have a copyright (©) notice -- in which case they can't be used without the owner's permission. If you wish to use one of those (someone else's non-copyright images) for commercial purposes, please contact the photographer (you can do this through me at: FeatherSite -- questions and comments). My "Dancing Victor" logo is ©Paper House Productions.

Table of Contents

Automatic doors for your Coop

Awards this page has garnered!

Baby Chicks

Book Store: Books on Poultry

Breed Club Homepages

Broodiness and Broody Hens


Coop Plans (links)


Eggs -- comparison of chicken with duck, goose, turkey, etc.

Exotics with links to wildfowl sites


Guinea Fowl




Incubation & Hatching

Links (to other poultry sites)

Non-domestic Species with links to wildfowl sites



Poultry Equipment Supply Houses

Raising Chicks (including turkey poults, peachicks and guinea keets)

Raising Ducklings and Goslings

Rare Breeds (and poultry conservation societies)

Saddles for Turkeys and Chickens

Sex Changes





Wing banding

Poultry Glossary: mostly US terminology

All chickens are chickens!!
They all hatch out as chicks.
Young males are cockerels, and become roosters, or cocks, at 1 year of age.
Young females are pullets. At 1 year of age they're called hens.

bantams -- miniature breeds of fowl
large fowl -- well, er, the large breeds of fowl (sometimes called standards, but this term should really be used for birds, large or bantam, that reflect the published standard for their breeds)
chook (rhymes with "book") -- Australian term for a hen, also applied to all chickens, as in "I've a flock of chooks."
broody -- a hen who has laid a clutch of eggs and is now sitting on them full time
comb -- the fleshy red protuberance on the top of a chicken's head
dewlap -- the single flap of skin below the beak of turkeys and some geese
wattles -- the fleshy red things hanging under a chicken's beak

Here's a larger online poultry glossary

Or how about a poem?

An article on Classes, Breeds, Varieties and Strains from the SPPA

Here's pictures of the various leg colors in chickens.

If you're interested in learning more about poultry, I've included an annotated list of books on poultry and a Links page of other poultry sites.


Chickens, alphabetically by breed:




  • and a lot of pretty mixed-breeds -- heck, some of my favorites are the mixes.

    [Image of a mixed-breed bantam rooster]


    Here's a 3.5 second, 572K movie of my pal "Blue Jim" crowing.

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    [Photo of a Muscovy duck]

    for stefan


    [Photo of a Brown China gander]


    Guinea Fowl

    [Photo of a Guinea Fowl]

    Pearl Guinea Fowl


    [A photo of a White Peacock with 
his train spread]

    "Chantilly Snowman"


    [Nun pigeons in flight]

    Flying Nuns


    [A swan]

    Australian Black Swan


    [Two male turkeys displaying]

    "Old Crow" and "Muhammed"

    Non-domestic species / Exotics

    [Photo of an Egyptian Goose]

    Temminck's Tragopan & Egyptian Goose

    An Interview with a Bird

    [Photograph of a 
White peacock's head]

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