Here are the girls.

"Inky," my grade black ewe (3 June 1989 -- 2 August 2003), with her 1995 twin ewe lambs and a bunch of freeloaders -- and here she is right after being shorn

Inky as an old lady in 2002
Photo courtesy of Anita Banta

"Delilah," (3/6/93 to 3/22/02) a Scottish Blackface ewe and her 1995 grade ram lamb twins

Here's Delilah's replacement, "Emma" (11 May 2002 to 9 June 2008)

And here she is hanging out with Inky

Two shots of "Dodge," the Suffolk-type ram I bred the girls to in 2002.

Inky's replacement was "Cordelia" (2/14/04 to 11/25/07), a Black Corriedale

Here she is napping and thinking about having a scratch

"Emma," with her '06 twin ewe lambs, fathered by a Cotswold ram

Here's Cordy with her '06 twin lambs "Tall Boy" and "Blackie" (same father as Emma's lambs) at one hour and several months later -- some kids never grow up!

Cordy and Emma meeting "Bowler," the Cotswold ram they're being bred to for their '07 lambs

Cordelia's 07 triplets just after their birth, with Emma looking on

Emma and Cordy's replacements, my new Icelandic sheep -- "Blue" (born April 2004) and her daughter "Lucinda" (born April 10, 2008)

Shearing day for Blue and Lucinda

Their friend "Lubella," the miniature horse that they winter over with

My flock in 2013

"Hay! Where's my carrot?"




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