Featherside '03

September 20, 2003

All photos by Bob Hirschberg except those marked H.S. (Holly Sweeney) and A.L. (Alan Lipnick)

If you got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

The host and hostess at work host and hostessing Craig & Michele (H.S.)

Blake setting out the food

Start of the feeding frenzy

In full swing!

"Oh my God, what did I just eat?" "Oh my God, what did I just drink?" (Susan & Michael)

Hostessing -- one of those lower level jobs? (H.S.)



Michael & Todd

Pam & George

The "Carol" competition -- cast your vote!

The Two-Step Lesson

The teachers -- Barry & Margo

Step One

Step Two

Pay attention class!

Two Step!!

The Dance

The San AnTONES -- Take it away, David!

Donna, Floyd & Suzy (A.L.)

Dennis and Lou, really!!

Big Joe and Kathleen

Margaret & Doug, Carol & Tom

Rose & Joe

"How's a fella supposed to sleep around here?"



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