Featherside '04

September 18, 2004

All photos by Bob Hirschberg except those marked SWL (Stefan Lisowski) and S.C. (Stephanie Charles)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

We know Bob H is here!! (SWL)

The Potluck

And here he is, getting some good shots (SWL)

Kerwin, Priscilla, me, Stefan

And, of course, Petunia was there!

Good beer! (Kerwin & Elizabeth)

Paul H relaxing

Stefan, Kerwin, Elizabeth

It was kinda cold out, so Sharon, Bena, Tom, Brahna and Bernice hung out in the house

Hey!! Where'd my cats go? And what's this? (SWL)

Now we're off to the barn

First, a quick Two-step lesson, with Margo's help

Gettin' ready (Monty, Margo, Carol, Regina, Floyd, Lou)

And now . . . The SanAnTONES!!

Paul H and Donna Nisha

Jim and Joanna, Bob and Barbara

Amy and Rich, Andy and Carol

Dominique and Megan, Carol and Guy, Toby and Rich

Todd and Patricia, Andy and Carol

Josh and Anita, John and Sherrill, Maria and Andy

Molly and Carol must have missed the Two-step lesson!

Madeleine and me, Regina and me

Waltzing with Dennis


Hanging out

Ralphine, John and Regina; Regina and Ralphine

Fran, Molly and Gary

Martha, Sara and ?

Sherrill, Floyd, Jill's eye and Paul H

Molly, Barb and Todd all look like they need facials!

Waiting to dance: Madeleine, Molly and Carol

Megan, Dennis and me

Good night!!


Hanging out Sunday after brunch: Margo, me, Sharon, Steve B and Gary (S.C.)

Felice, Floyd, me and Dennis (S.C.)

Gary likes to do this! He moved it around all by himself (it's what he does). Amazing to watch (that's Andy and Floyd, watching) (S.C.)

Gary taking some well-earned relaxation with Sharon (S.C.)



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