Featherside '06 -- The 20th Anniversary Fowl Ball

September 16, 2006

Host and Co-host: Barry and Beau (BH)

Relaxing with Tom and Kristy after setting up the tables etc. (SWL)

The Photographers

Bob Hirschberg (BH), Lori Bailey (LB), Stefan Lisowski (SWL), and Stephanie Charles (SC)

If you've got any good photos, please send 'em on to me.

The Potluck

Here they come! (LB)

Hi Bena, Hi Ed (LB)

This year Madeleine brought a predator for the ritual slaughter (LB)

The Feeding Frenzy begins: Steve S., Jean Luc, Stephanie and Sharon (BH)




Here's a one minute movie of the Feeding Frenzy (LB)
Note that this is a huge file (103MB) and takes forever to download

Riba, Judy T-A, Rich P. & Dianea (BH)

Irene and Luke (SWL)

Garret, Esther and George Z., Bart (LB)

Bill M., Floyd and Sharon (LB)

Cheryle and Eric (BH)

Dennis B. and Susan D. (LB)

Jacki and Mona, Judy T-A and Dennis B., Mary and Scott (LB)

Terry and Melissa, Evelyn and Jesse (LB)

Marcia, Scott G. and Carol K. (BH)

Steve B. and George Z., Donna (BH)

Elaine and George M. (LB)

Judy W. and Susie D. (LB)

Steve B. and Molly, Jim and Dianea, Hera and Patrick (LB)

Tom and Kristy (SWL)

Lou and Pat, Jean Luc and Riba (LB)

Rhesa and Dennis B. (BH)

Stefan, Mike D. and Carrie, Ruth and Craig (LB)

Kelly and Bill M. (LB)

George Z., Denis R., Rochelle, Lee (LB)

Poultry art? (LB)

Celebrating 20 years of Featherside parties!

Floyd is the only person who was here from the beginning and hasn't ever missed one! (LB)

A few people were hanging out in the house

Gil and Guy (LB)

Mike D. and Carrie (SWL)

Lori B.

Rhesa (LB)

Stefan, Tom and Luke re-create the scene from 20 years ago (at a Dungeons & Dragons fest)

Of course, "Doubtful" never gets to go to the party (BH)

Now we're off to the barn!

Bird Watchers! (SWL)

Hey, Kitty's welcoming everyone upstairs (LB)

And then, of course, Margo and I give the Two-Step lesson (BH)

The San AnTONES: Johnny Jake and David, Fooch, Billy (BH)

Can we sit in? (LB)

Jambalaya with Steve B. (SWL)

Who's that?! (SWL)

A busy floor (BH)




Here's a 20 second movie of some West Coast Swing (LB)
Note that this is a 34MB file and takes a long time to download

Rochelle and Evan (LB), Al W. and Rael (SWL), Stephanie and Tom R. (BH)

Lee and Al K. (BH)

Patty and Bill B., Susan D. (BH)

Ginger (SWL), Gil and Rhesa (BH)

Dennis B. and Lori B. (SWL)

Clarke and Alex, Jimmy and Anahy (BH), Steve B. and Molly (LB)

Erica A. and Achilles, John F. and Ginger (SWL)

Lori W. (LB), Patrick and Anahy (SWL), Jim and Kitty (LB)

Dennis L. and Karen (SWL)

Mike S. and friend (SWL), Lori W. and Rich C., Adriana and Frank (BH)

Lenny & Annie and Jimmy (SWL)

Evelyn and Jesse, Marcia, Scott G., Dianea and Dominique (BH), Steve B. and Lori B. (SWL)

Break time!


The dessert feeding frenzy (SWL)

Maggie and Brian couldn't even make it off the dance floor (LB)

Carol K. (SWL), Heather and Linda M. (LB)

Donna and Guy (LB)

Linda L. (SWL), Dominique, Megan and Jane (LB)

Pam and Russ, Carol G. and Vivian (LB)

Annie, Jeff and Margo (SC)

Jim, Dianea, Linda L. and Luthor (LB)

Pascal and Achilles (LB)

Rhesa and Dominique (SWL), Scott G. and Marcia (LB), Tall Todd (SC)

Erica S. and Steve S. (BH)

Flying chickens perhaps? -- Steve S., Bob K., and Erica S. (BH)

And now . . . the ritual sacrifice (BH)

Sunday there was a whole b(r)unch of people, but not a lot of photography going on




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