Nederrijner (Belgian)

A Niederrheiner cockerel
Photo courtesy of Gilberte Rombauts

This is a dual-purpose German breed from the Lower Rhine area. It is somewhat like an Australorp in type, with the roosters weighing 4 kg (10 pounds) and the hens 3 kg (7 pounds). Calm, non-setting birds, they lay around 200 eggs per year. Niederrheiners are found in Blue, Cuckoo, Crele, Birchen and Partridge varieties.

There is also a bantam form.

Two shots of a pullet
Photos courtesy of Gilberte Rombauts

Another picture of the male
Photo courtesy of Gilberte Rombauts

Crele Niederrheiner pair, with a closer shot of the male
Photos courtesy of Greenfire Farms

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