Paraiso White

A pair of Paraiso Whites
Photo courtesy of Rick Duarte

(Information from Rick Duarte)

This now extinct breed was developed in Spain in the decade between 1910 and 1920. The first generation parent stock was a White Orpington male crossed with Catalan de Prat. then Rhode Island (White?) genes were added. It was accepted as a recognized breed in Paris in 1919.

It was a dual purpose breed, with males weighing 3.5 kg and females 3 kg. It was able to lay around 280-300 reddish eggs per year. The hens were good sitters and mothers.

The birds had red faces and earlobes, a single comb with 5-6 points and a pinkish-white beak.

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Paraiso standard in Spanish

A Paraiso White flock
Photo courtesy of Rick Duarte

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