A White Tuzo cockerel
Photo courtesy of William Bender, Jr.

The Tuzo is a hardfeathered true bantam developed in the U.S. and Germany from Oriental bloodlines.

The egg color is white or tinted.

Breed clubs:

The Oriental Game Breeders' Association
P.O. Box 100
Creston, CA 93432
Ph. (805) 237-1010
(This club also promotes Sumatras, Asils, Yokohamas, Phoenix, and Malays.)

The Asian Hardfeather Club
Julia Keeling, secretary
Ballashee, Staarvey Road, German
Isle of Man, IM5 2AJ
British Isles
phone: (+44)-1624-801825
e-mail: shamolady@manx.net

The Asian Gamefowl Society or Speciaalclub Aziatische Vechthoenrassen
Willem van Ballekom (Secretaris SAV)
Hobokenlaan 19
5628 VA Eindhoven
phone: 040-2417208

Tuzo Links:

You can find pictures of Tuzo on Orchard Poultry Farm's page


Some more Tuzos, a pullet and a pair
Photos courtesy of gulyasl@DUROPACK.HU

Tuzo males from Germany -- Black, White and Spangled
Photos courtesy of Sascha Michel

A Black Tuzo cockerel
Photos courtesy of Malcolm Said

A pair and a rooster
Photos courtesy of Connie McCardle, from the collection of Manuel Reynolds

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