Norwegian White Geese

Norwegian White geese
Photo courtesy of Tage Nondal

This Norwegian breed was developed to produce a large bird for the table. Ganders weigh in around 9 kilos (22 pounds) and geese around 8 k (18 lb). It should only have one belly bag or lobe to its paunch. Unfortunately, it is now quite rare in its homeland. The Embden was probably important in its development.

They are hardy birds, bold and quite self-sufficient. The females make good mothers and can lay up to 100 eggs per year if not allowed to sit.

Note that there are no Norwegian Whites in the US. Most white geese there are Embdens.

A young Norwegian White gander
Photo courtesy of Tage Nondal

The above gander grown up, with his offspring in the background
Photo courtesy of Robert Feragen

A pair of Norwegian Whites
Photo courtesy of Robert Feragen

And they really do make good mothers!
Photo courtesy of Robert Feragen

Two shots of Norwegian White goslings
Photos courtesy of Tage Nondal



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