Smålens Geese

aka Norwegian Spotted Geese

A 5-month-old Smålens gander
Photo courtesy of Robert Feragen

Smålens is an old name for Østfold, the south-east part of Norway. It is believed that the first of these geese were brought back by corn traders from Sweden. They are most likely descended from the Scania goose. Their feet are yellow-red, bill is reddish, and the eyes are blue or brown with a red eye ring.

It is a hardy bird with a short, wide body and two lobes to the paunch. Calm birds and reasonable foragers, they are poor layers, averaging only 40 whitish eggs per year.

More 5-month-old Smålens Geese
Photo courtesy of Robert Feragen

Another Smålens, having a snack
Photo courtesy of Robert Feragen

Smålens goslings
Photos courtesy of Robert Feragen



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