Crested Guinea Fowl

Guttera spp.

Guttera p. pucherani -- note the blue neck skin

Distinguished from other guineas by their thick, curled crests, the Crested Guineas are native to damp forests of tropical Africa.

Crested Guineas are growing in popularity in avicultural circles as they do well in mixed aviaries, are not as noisy as Vulturines, and are inquisitive and easy to tame.

G. p. pucherani is the Kenya Crested Guinea.
G. p. edouardi is the Mozambique Crested Guinea.

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Vulturine Guineas at Frit's Farm

Guttera p. edouardi -- note the white neck fold

Another shot of G. p. pucherani

Comparative heads and necks of Kenya (left) and Mozambique Crested Guineas
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Another Kenya Crested
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And another Mozambique Crested
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Crested Guinea Fowl, Guttera sp.
I took these pictures years ago at some unremembered zoo

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