Baby Chicks

Silver Campine chicks
Photo courtesy of Ket

Here's a list of the pure breed chicks I've managed to get photos of so far. If you have any not listed here, and are willing to share them, please contact FeatherSite -- questions and comments

Obtaining Chicks

Go to my list of Hatcheries

Helpful Hints for Identifying Chicks

Remember that in addition to looking at color and body shape, some breeds have feathers on their legs and some have 5 toes. While most breeds have either single combs or rose combs there are also other types of combs, such as pea, V, and raspberry--you usually have to wait til the chick is a bit older to identify some of the comb types.

Sexing Chicks

Here's John's page Sexing Chicks: Some Clues.

Metzer Farms now has a video up on vent sexing ducklings and goslings.

If you can wait a while for this, then, once they are around 2 1/2 - 3 months old, hold them in the sun. Look at the new feathers on their backs. On males these will be coming in long, pointed and shiny.

Raising Chicks

Now that you've got 'em, you ought to drop over to my page on Raising Chicks.


Exotics in italics

Photo courtesy of Margaret Monsen


Photo courtesy of Robert Feragen

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